The Love Tussle

A story that every girl has experienced, falling for a guy who is already in a relationship and the fight to win him.


1. The Love Tussle

The microphone descends from it's hiding place high above the arena of 'Emotion & Affection', crackles into life and the crowd, that moments earlier were engaged in heated discussions as to the relative dating tactics, physical attributes, heel heights, career successes and strengths of each proponent in this Championship Love Match, gradually fall silent.  

The wise old announcer, who has officiated at more love tussles than he cares to remember, has learnt from past mistakes and waits...., he now knows better than to be hurried by an impatient crowd, appreciates the value of anticipation. Then his voice exuding false excitement booms, "Ladieeees and Gentlemennn! for your entertainment in the red, white & blue corner all the way from the French capital Paris is Florence 7 Floors Dupleix, dating out of Amsterdam and weighing in at, don't you know it's rude to mention a woman's weight" he jokes and a ripple of nervous laughter runs around the crowd. He waits patiently for the laughter to subside, then raising his voice an even higher notch "and her opponent this year is"....he pauses for dramatic effect, inhales loudly, which the ageing microphone makes sound like someone rudely slurping tea, and continues, "the encumberant GF, dating out of our fine city Utrecht is The Nurse!" The partisan crowd cheer loudly, some throw stiletto heels into the air, other reapply orange lipstick to puckered Botox plumped lips, the atmosphere is palpable. 

The announcer continues, "in her remarkable career spanning 6 long lust filled years, she has defeated every woman who so much as glanced at her man! The Nurse's greatest career 'love tussle' was overcoming the BF's reticence and getting him to move in with her, and in doing so she defeated the previously undefeated fearsome and most important woman in his life, his mother!!! The partisan crowd roars hysterically their approval for their Champion, The Nurse!


The early weeks are a tight even contest. 7 floors scoring, in the biblical sense, on Mondays and Wednesdays, while the Nurse is away. The Nurse fights seductively back at weekends and whenever she's on an early shift, she's no intention of losing this Love Tussle to the older foreign woman, she's confident that she knows her man, knows how to keep him close.

Month four and 7 floors shows what a superb tactician she is by going naked under her coat and scoring an unanswered low blow but the referee sees it and gives her a warning to get dressed and not repeat that illegal move. That took the string out of that blow!

Month 7 and The Nurse is reeling from the sexual power 7 floors is raining down from her 3rd floor apartment. The crowd cannot believe their eyes as the BF first admits he feels at home there and then, in a move which took the reining GF totally by surprised, moves out of their share apartment! 7 floors has the GF on the ropes of heartbreak but to her frustration is unable to fully force home her advantage due to the arrival of her confidant Fifi. The GF has a moments rest to regroup, reconsider her tactics, buy new underwear for the fight of her life!  


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