Mine for the Summer

Have you ever been in love or even tried looking for love? I haven’t. Love has always been too cliché for me and I had better things to do than to just sit in a corner and fantasize about prince charming. I wasn’t practically the damsel in distress kind of girl so I never actually needed saving. Not being bitter or anything, but that’s just the way it is. And that was before… I met him.
So there I was, a spoiled rich brat seeking for care and attention due to insufficient love given by my parents. Then he came along, just a simple farm boy and caretaker of a huge land. I wasn’t a believer, but he made me believe in something magical… he made me believe in love. Typical love story eh? Not. For every story has its own climax but my life story has more than one turn. And because of that one summer, I never knew my life would be changed forever.


1. Fly Solo

“Passengers who are boarding Flight V-108, please proceed to terminal C right now.” I stared at the PA system and got my luggage. A few more bag checks and x-ray scanners then I’m off for the plane, which was right outside terminal C’s glass window.

            I let out a sigh as I remembered mom and dad making that call, telling me to fly to Tennessee to help with the family business. Obviously, I didn’t want to go. It was summer and I was supposed to go to beach parties and drink cocktails with my friends but instead, I get stuck in a lame, old, boring summerhouse on the countryside.

            I had no choice; there was no backing out at this point so I boarded the plane. The stewardess helped me with my bags and in no time, I was already on my assigned seat. Our family’s company is actually experiencing a great downfall at this moment; so great that I can’t even fly first class.

            One of the disappointing things about my family is that my parents only call when they need a hand on our business. They never actually cared about how I was doing in school or if I already had a criminal record on the county jail. What matters to them is the money they earn from their stupid company.

            Flying solo made me feel a bit lonely making me realize that I will be away from my friends for three months. Friends that made me feel what family was in absence of my parents.

            Oh yeah, wait! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Brianna Forbes, heiress of the Forbes Industries slash future CEO. My great grandfather was the founder. Even when I was still a little girl, my parents always left for work. They were very busy to spend time with me. When I grew older, they introduced me to their world of business. The company was in jeopardy so they needed my help. They wanted to introduce me to their new business partners in Tennessee just for formalities and for the social media to know about the future big boss of Forbes Industries.

            Actually, I couldn’t care less. I hated the thought of being used but hey, at least I get to be with my parents for 3 months right? I would still go because I want to see them even if it meant that they only wanted me to go there for fame and fortune.

            The plane ride from Malibu to Tennessee was only 3 hours short so the boredom didn’t get the chance to kill me. I walked towards the exit looking for someone holding a placard with my name on it but suddenly, Mr. Clumsy somebody bumped me causing my luggage to topple down each other.

            “Watch it!” I half shouted at the clumsy, retard in front of me.

            “I’m so sorry miss…” He stared with a frown on his face hoping for a response. If he weren’t so careless, I would’ve found him quite attractive.

            “Forbes and I would really appreciate it if you showed some helpfulness.” He started picking up my bags.

            “Miss Briana Forbes? Well apparently, I’m your bellman for tonight.” his eyes still fixed on me. I nodded when I noticed he was holding an illustration board with a barely readable handwriting saying “Miss Forbes”.

            I was supposed to ask his name but I guess I had no use for it. He was someone my parents paid to fetch me because they were too busy to come here themselves so I just kept my mouth shut and followed him towards the exit. A limo stopped in front of us. He opened the door for me being the gentleman that he was and I stepped inside, he followed.

            I inhaled the familiar strawberry scented wind produced by the air conditioning. The leather seats made me comfortable being tired and all from a long day. The car ride was silent. We arrived in the summerhouse 20 minutes later; it wasn’t that far from the airport.

--- --- --- --- ---

            I wake up to the sound of Avril Lavigne’s “What the Hell” blaring through my phone. Great, it’s already 10 am. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. Oh, it was just a message from my friends back in Cali asking if I was doing ok, which I wasn’t considering the fact it’s still my first day here. I quickly replied to them.

            My room had always been spacious. I guess nothing has changed over the years. It still had that same soothing and relaxing aura. My eyes moved up to the ceiling, the glow in the dark stars were still there. I smile; everything was just as I remembered 10 years ago. I used to love it here, my room that is.

            I put on my shirt. I stood up from my bed only to find out that the floor was freaking cold. I started looking for my bedroom slippers and finally found them.

            I walked towards the double glass doors on the other side of the room and opened it. It was leading to a porch over looking the view of the ocean. I always came here to relax.            I sat down in one of the chairs placed beside the coffee table, enjoying the summer breeze.

            A familiar voice caught my attention. He was talking to a fisherman by the beach. His brown hair was sticking in all directions but he looked gorgeous nonetheless. Three buttons were unbuttoned from his white polo and his sleeves were rolled up. He looked like a farmer in his outfit but a very attractive farmer indeed.

            “Hey there neighbor!” he called at me and stopped below the porch.

            “Hey! I guess you weren’t just a bellman.” I smiled at him. I got up and went to the railings of the porch. I pulled myself up and jumped. Soft landing. My room was just on the second floor and sand was right below.

            “I thought you work for my parents.” I asked him.

            “Nah, I do errands.” he smiled, showing his perfectly aligned teeth.

            “So, you live next door?”

            “Yeah. I work for the old man in that big old house.” He nodded to the mansion beside the summerhouse.


            “Yep, he’s getting older by the day so he needs assistance in the farm and besides I’ve lived there my entire life. The dude’s practically my dad.”

            “A farm boy, well that explains the outfit.” He just laughed.

            “So… I guess I’ll see you around?”

            “Sure.” He started walking away but stopped for a while and turn to me.

            “Oh and by the way, I’m Alex.” He said as a smirk form on his face.

--- --- --- --- ---

            And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

            I sighed as I read the last sentence of “Breaking Dawn”. I slammed the book shut. Another corny love story finished, ugh. It wasn’t worth my time. It was too dramatic. I rolled my eyes as I remembered the story.

            “Honey. How have you been? I missed you.” She kissed my cheek and hugged me. I pulled away immediately. One of my most despised people is right in front of me.

            “Spare me you theatrics MOM.” I put emphasis on the last word.

            “Brianna! Where are your manners?!” She went furious as if there was smoke coming out of her nose. I smirked.

            “Where are yours mom? Where have YOU been for the last 10 years? Oh yeah, you and the old man left their only child for money.”

            “You make it sound as if we did a bad thing. We did it so that we could raise you properly.” I scoffed at her answer.

            “Well, that’s where you went wrong. Money doesn’t actually make the world go round.” And with that statement, I left the house. It was useless arguing with her. They always thought they were right.

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