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2. Harry Styles #1


Harry had come home from recording extremely horny. Even if you weren't in the mood you didn't want to dissapoint him, So you decide to just go with it  and fake it.




Without stopping he was pushing in and out of you. To please him you just decided to go along with it, Which included; Moan faking, dirty talk and a whole lot of imagination. You had never ever before faked it with Harry because, well let's face it the boy was an animal in bed and you weren't complaining about that. "F-fuck Harry i'm close" You fakely whimpered out. "Let it go love" He grunted. You had no idea what you were like when you had an orgasm so improvising was basically your only option at this point. Whimpering you grabbed onto Harry's bicep while you other hand clutched the sheets. You arched your back and let out a muffled moan.You held onto that position for a while before falling back onto the bed. Apperently somewhere in your 'orgasm' Harry also came because he pulled out of you and fell in the spot next to you. You turned away from him, getting under the sheets and ready to go to bed."Y/N?" Harry softly asked. You mumbles a "Mhm" out to tell him you were listening. "If you fake an orgasm ever again, i'll make sure you'll never come again. Clear?" He sweetly asked. Your eyes widened and you quickly nodded. "Good girl" Harry said before kissing your cheek and turning away from you to go to sleep aswell.


When you woke up the next morning the first thing that went through your head were Harry's words from last night. He sounded dead serious. You shrugged and quickly pulled on one of Harry's shirts along with some knickers, before going downstairs to make breakfast.


After a while you felt a pair of lips lightly kissing your cheek. You smiled and mumbled a goodmorning. "Goodmorning" He sang before kissing your cheek again, and grabbing one of the plates you had made. Lightly you lifted up your eyebrows. Harry never was like this in the morning.. He would always wrap his arms around you and kiss you lips or softly nibble your earlobe. And after he was done with that he'd help you with the rest of breakfast. You shrugged it of thinking it was probably nothing and mostly hoping this wasn't about last night. Quietly you made your way towards the livingroom with your plate, You both eating your breakfast in silence. And after breakfast Harry went upstairs to go do some 'recording'. "Yeah right" You thought, painfully sure he was just doing this to make you feel bad about last night. And it was working. You were feeling horrible and desperately trying to find a way to make him forgive you.. But there probably wasn't any other way then just facing him, and mostly talk.


When he came home that night just after dinner you immediatly got up. "I think we need to talk Harry" You said hesitantly. He didn't say anything but just pushed you up against a wall roughly kissing your jaw and neck, making sure to leave some marks there. "Harry" You tried again swallowing a moan. "No talking" He mumbled through the kisses. "You're gonna make it up to me for last night. Got it?" He looked you into your eyes with a stern look. Quickly you nodded, and Harry's lips went back to your jaw. Lightly he tapped your thigh signaling you to jump. You threw your legs around his waist, his hands supporting you by your butt, and your ams around his neck. Quickly he walked you two upstairs and threw you up onto the bed. "No faking this time. Okay baby?" He smugly said, knowing exactly what he was doing to you. You nodded and before you knew it his fingers were inside your underwear working his magic in there. You moaned as he drew figure eights on your clit pinching it every now and then, making you moan out his name time and time again,  Quickly you were drawn to your orgasm and Harry knew, Because just before you came he pulled his fingers out. "Harry what the fuck?!" You screamed out. He just chuckled before undressing you both. "Bad girls don't get what they want do they?" He said before softly nibbling your earlobe. And without any warning he slammed into you. You screamed out in pleasure, making him smirk. As soon as he found his rythm you started moving your hips along with his thrusts. "I'm close" You softly whispered out just loud enough for him to hear. "Not yet" He grunted out. His pace fastened and your bit your lip tryingto muffle away your moans. "Let go love" He whispered. And with that you let all your senses go and had one of the most incredible orgasma of your life. As Harry rode your orgasm out his own flued filled you aswell.


After a while he collapsed on top of you panting in and out. "At least we're both sure you didn't fake that one, right love? I'm pretty sure the entire neighbourhood now knows what we do when i come from recording." He laughed. Lightly you smacked his head before laughing yourself. He got of off you after lightly kissing you. He pulled your body into his warm one before you both fell asleep.



A/N: How was that? My requests are open, so request away y'all! 

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