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1. Louis Tomlinson #1


Louis Tomlinson is the popular football jock on school with heaps of friends that every girl adores, except for Y/N, The head of the cheerleader squat on school. She thinks he's just plain arrogant. But 'Tommo' has a crush on Y/N and he'll won't stop 'till he surrenders



There she was. Casually sitting on a bench, along with her friends, smoking a cigarette. Laughing she blew out the smoke. "C'mon Tommo! Since when do you settle for no?" Niall laughed. "I don't" I bit at him. "I'll go" i said tossing the rest of my lunch into the trashbin. Casually i walked over to her, winking to a few girls on the way. Their friends saw  i was coming and made sure they were long gone before i got there. Lightly i chuckled. Basically the whole school was scared of me, except for Y/N, who just thought i was a proper douche. Which in all honesty i was. I sank into the chair in front of her. She pushed her cigarette into the bench, making sure to leave a burn there, before throwing it somewhere. "What can i do for you Tommo?" She casually asked. "Well, You could do me? But since you're not quite ready for that how about a date tonight?" I cockily asked. She huffed out a 'no' before trying to stand. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down. "You should know that I don't take no for an answer by now babe" I said before smirking. "And you should know by now i don't date douches" She scarcastically bit back at me. "Feistyy" I laughed. I pulled her chair to me so she was now inbetween my legs. "You should atleast give me a shot sweetcheeks" She huffed at the name i just called her. I nudged her chin up before lightly kissing her lips. Within a while she kissed me back, I smirked knowing that i'd won. "Pick you up at eight' then?" I smiled at her disconnecting our lips. "One shot Tommo, Don't screw up" She laughed. "I won't." 



"See Nialler? That's how Tommo does it!" I said high-fiving him. "I gotta admit i didn't think you'd pull that off" He laughed in his Irish accent. I laughed placing my feet at the chair infront of me. "I gt my ways" I said before lighting a ciggy.




A/N: How's that? Send in all requests! Preferences, Imagines, Smuts. All 5SOS & 1D! 

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