2. Dinner

Brayden's POV:

The ride home was amazing he told me all about the new house he built, the people he met, it was just so nice to hear his voice again it's just not the same over FaceTime or Skype.

When I entered the front door to my house the smell of chicken casserole was coming from the kitchen

Brayden:(shouts) HEY YOU GUYS IM HOME!!

Luke's POV:

As soon as she said that 2 dogs came running at her. Scottie, a yorkie terroir and Ruby, a wiener dog. Following the dogs were her younger brother and sister Jeremy and Brooklyn. As soon as they saw me the ran right up to me and gave me a BIG hug. It was so nice to see them.

As we walked into the kitchen I was engulfed in to a huge hug by Brayden's mother Rebekah and her father Graham there such nice people and they care so much about everyone.

Rebekah: Luke how was Florida

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