3. dinner part 2

Sorry sit wouldn't post the rest

Rebekah: Luke how was Florida

Luke: Hawaii and fine

Graham: well I'm glad your back cause Brayden hasn't stopped taking about you

Rebekah: hey *kisses graham on the cheek* I think it's sweet ok now call the kids down to eat.

*graham yells for kids*

As we all join the table I get asked morale and more questions

Jeremy: did you see Polly?

Luke: who's Polly?

Jeremy: you know the colorful bird that talks to us and eats crackers?

Luke: oh that Polly... Yes I saw lots of Polly's family too.


Dinner went by fast but it felt like it after I was done I decided that I will have to go home

Graham: later luke

Luke: bye mr carsin I will see you soon

As I walked to the front door Brayden was following me she was saying something but I couldn't hear it

Brayden: ok I love you and will see you tomorrow

Luke: ok, Brayden.. ( should I tell her now or should I wait )Brayden I...

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