My time to shine


2. competition

Quickly I grabbed my phone , turn't it away so know one could see me, played my favourite song and sang my heart out. I have never sang like that before, properly because i didn't have a prepose.  As soon as I was done I up loaded my video. All that was let to do was wait. The results wernt till the following week and i couldn't wait that long. But it looked like i had to. 


Days and days went past and i cheek my blog every day but still nothing until friday. The results had been posted!!! First was Annie fox (don't know her) second was Bella Brown ( never her of her either) i was just about to give up hope when all of a sudden ..... there it was. My name. In big shiny letters. I WAS GOING !!!! I was so exited i couldn't wait. And Ella had put there was another competition out of us three and the winner will get back stage passes!!!! The results weren't going to be posted till the following Saturday but I was so exited i just had to enter then. I thought it was properly best not to sing one of Ella's songs this time because last time i don't think she was that impressed.So I picked a song from my second favourite band called Blitz.  It was one of my favourite songs so i gave it everything. All that was left to do was wait. Wait until the results where posted.


Then Saturday i ran back from my nans and cheeked the website. I was gutted. I hadn't one. And the person that one got to sing on stage with Ella. But it didn't matter      right ?? I was still going to see Ella. My mum and dad had to fill in a form to say i could go. While my mum and dad had finished filling in the form i noticed that mine was different to everyone else's. But i thought nothing more of it. 


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