A Jiley Story: Forever and Always

Riley always thought James was a player as everyone in A-Troupe said. What she didn't know was she was going to fall for that player. Read this story to find out Riley and James relationship


5. Chapter 4

James POV:

Riley grabs my hand and walks me around the block so no one can see us.

Then she tells me really fast IhavetobreakupwithyouImreallysorrybutitsthebestoption.

After she finishes, she runs of to A-Troupe studio and I try chasing after to ask her why but she doesn't turn back. Then Beth walks up to me and tells me she heard the whole thing and she would want to go on the date with me.

I look at the ground and then back at her and run away from her as quickly as I can because I don't even want to talk to her.

Beth then tells me to meet her is studio B after rehearsals.

Riley POV:

I feel bad for breaking up with James but it's the best option if I want to keep my self safe. After I broke up with James, I feel really lost but at least I have my sister even though she is still a little mad at me we decided to help each other out when in trouble.

Michelle POV:

I walk up to Riley and ask her what's wrong because she is sitting on by her self in studio A.

Riley told me that she broke up with James meaning she cancelled the dat with him. I asked her why and but she told me it had something do with Beth. She also mentioned to me not to tell James.

Rehearsals went really well and I decided to tell James what Riley told me because it would be the best for the team and he seems upset.

James POV:

Michelle walks up to me and tells me to meet her in studio b after rehearsals.

Rehearsals went really well and I was heading to studio b. I enter and Michelle is right there and tells me to be relax and not stressed out.

She tells me that the only reason Riley cancelled the date with me was that Beth told her to stay away from me. I don't now what to say and Michelle told me that she would talk to Riley for me.

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