A Jiley Story: Forever and Always

Riley always thought James was a player as everyone in A-Troupe said. What she didn't know was she was going to fall for that player. Read this story to find out Riley and James relationship


4. Chapter 3

James POV:

Riley is the one and will always be the one. Beth is too clingy and not my type any more. Amanda is at Elite and not the best person to be friends with. She thinks about herself and her Elite team mates that's all, that's basically why I broke up with her or she broke up with me.

I noticed that Riley had a thing for me was when she came to me to ask that if Michelle should be in the front line instead of her. She chose me and I think that is a sign that she likes me. Riley also came to me to help dethrow her sister as dance captain. Why come to me? There is other boys at The Next Step, but why ask me to help you.

She so has a massive crush on me.

Riley POV:

At the auditions when James was performing Stephanie so me blush as James was auditioning and she thought I liked him. I can't like a guy like him as he is a player and he dates to many girls in the dance community and then goes on to a new one to fast. I don't see myself falling for him and it will never happen even if he thinks it will.

Don't tell him this but after we were in Brighter Brightest music video and he got me an autograph I finally so a different side to him not the side that all the girls have been talking about. It's good to have someone like that especially because what I saw him as in the beginning was different to what I think of him. I just found out a couple if days ago that he is failing his maths test so I made a deal with him, that if he gets 70% or more on his next maths exam I will go on a date. Let's just say I'm looking foreward to this date.

James POV:

Riley made a deal with me that if I get a 70% or more on my next maths exam she will go on a date with me, let's just I was surprised that she say that and pushes me so much more as I definitely want to go on that date with her.

I also can't go to the studio for 2 weeks because my mum pulled me out until I get my maths grades up. Everyone from the studio as been trying to help me with my maths but Riley the most. Anythings possible with Riley because she believes in me when no one else does.

I don't know if I can pass this maths test, the teacher confuses me and I hate it but to pass it I just got to believe in my self and remember I get a date with Riley.

Riley POV:

I just sitting in Squeeze drinking my mango smoothie when Beth walks up to me and tells me to stay away from James and not go on a date with him. I tell her to mind her own business and I can do whatever I want. She gives me a creepy stare and she walks away and sends me a message.

The message says: WATCH YOUR BACK.

I'm scared but I don't care because I've got James with me but what can I do. I have to be the big person here and stand up for my actions and tell her James doesn't like her anymore. If I tell her that what would she do to me. She seems evil and I seem a little scared after she approaches me.

I check my phone and I realise I have text messages from James:

J- hey Riles

R-hey James

J-want me two pick u up tomorrow for dance

R-sure that would be gr8

J-see ya getting a call

R-see ya till then

I need a way of telling James that I can't go on that date with him. Beth will hurt me if I don't break up with him.

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