Torn Apart.

Ayleen has to choose between Ricky Dillon or Jc Caylen. Who will she choose? What drama will it create ?


1. A sticky mess Chapter 1.


What is love? Just a saying to express how you feel? A stupid word that brings back memories? What is the meaning of L.O.V.E?

You think your "In love" with your middle school boyfriend, until he dumps you for a girl at a different school. Than you relize those feelings of "being in love" are just a fantisy.

Well that's what I thought of love. Until I met them...........

Chapter 1. A sticky mess.

Don't you just hate waking up in the morning? Your dreams get ruined even those good ones when your making out with your crush. Or when you have a good dream along with an amazing day. We'll this was one of those mornings.

My name is Ayleen. I'm 20, I share a small apartment with my best friend. This is my story.

I slowly sat up turning off my alarm in my phone, I can feel the eye boogers in the crest of my eyes. Gross

I walk to my bathroom of my apartment that I share with my roommate. Turning the knobs on the shower, I slowly start to get undressed. I get in letting the hot water relax my body.

Getting out of the shower I wrap my hair up in a towel. I walk to my bedroom.

I smell pancakes, must be Auzurai making breakfast.

"Auzurai" I yell to my roommate.

"What ?" She yells back from the kitchen.

"Are you cooking?" I yell. Starting on my makeup

"Yea, want a plate?" She quietly yells.

"Nah, I'm gonna head down to Starbucks " I yell.

I look at my self in the mirror. 'Ew I wouldn't want to date me' I think to my self.

After applying some light make up I get dressed into some leggings and a cat sweater.

"Alright I'm gonna go, see ya later" I said grabing my house keys walking past Auzurai eating pancakes on the dinner table.

"Bye, be safe" she says.

I look around as the hot sun beats down on me.

"I'll just walk their" I say to myself.

After about 3 5sos songs I finally get to Starbucks, the most amazing place in the world.

I look around and see a bunch of old people sitting by them selfs just reading books, I slowly awkwardly walk behind a guy. A guy who is cute from behind.

The barista takes his order and starts to make his drink. I check the time 12:14 am. I gotta get to work in 2 hours. Crap.

I lock my phone and slide it in my pocket. As soon as I look up I feel a wet substance leeking down my shirt.

"Oh god I'm so sorry, I must've bumped in to you" The cute boy from behind said.

We both looked up at each other at the same time. We locked eyes, I instantly felt a connection. I looked into his eyes for what felt like 2 years. He cracked a smile.

"Here let me get you some napkins." He said breaking the connection. He ran to a counter to grab like 30 of them. He handed them to me looking down my shirt.

I started trying to get the cold coffee of my shirts.

"I really am sorry" he said picking the cup of the ground.

"It's fine, mistakes happen. I just wish it didn't happen on my shirt." I said looking back up to his eyes.

"It's not so bad" he says. "I'm Jc by the way"

"I'm Ayleen" I say shaking his hand. By now my shirt was just a little damp.

"Please let me buy you some coffee, it's the least if could do." He says smiling.

"Oh no, it's fine" I say smiling back.

"No please let me. I did spill coffee all over you."

"Alright fine" I say giving in.

I try covering up my shirt with my hands.

"Here, use my sweater" he says handing it to me.

"Thanks" I say.

I slip it on. It was kinda big on me and it was so comfy.

"You look good in it" He says winking at me.

"What can I get you two?" The barista asks.

"Um just a vanilla frappè please" I say.

"I'll have the same thing" Jc says looking down at me. He's so much taller than me.

"Alrighty that will be 11.50$. Also you guys are just the cutest couple I've ever seen." She says winking at me.

"Oh we're not dating" Jc says handing her the money.

"Ohh bummer" she says handing Jc back change.

The lady hands Jc and I our drinks. We start walking out the door before Jc stops me.

"Can I take you home?" He asks. I wonder how he knew I walked here.

"If it's not to much trouble" I say, only because it was getting cold out side. And my cat sweater was still wet.

"Of course it's not a problem" he says getting his keys out. He opens the door for me and wait till I'm all the way in to close the door. He closes the door and run around the car getting in and starting it.

"So how old are you?" He asks.

"I'm 20" I say. I tell him my address and quietly listen to the music.

When we finally get to my house he says "Can I walk you to your door?"

"Um sure" I awkwardly say.

We took the elevator instead of stairs because I'm to lazy to do all that. We reach my door and I turn around to thank him.

"Jc thanks for buying me coffee and taking me home" I say smiling looking down at the ground to hide my red cheeks and dimple.

"Well I did spill coffee on you" he says smiling.

I lightly laugh.

"Listen I'm so sorry about that, could I maybe have your phone number so we could maybe go for dinner sometime?" He says blushing looking at the ground.

"Sure why not?" I say.

He hands me his phone. I put my number and smile. He waves and walks away. I open my door and yell for auzurai to tell her what just happened.

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