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1. The day she stopped believing

"Hey mom! Was work fun today?" I asked my mom. My mom just ignored me and walked passed me like I was invisible.

"Mom? Is everything okay? Did I do something wrong?" I asked in fear.

"Can't you just leave me alone? Gosh, Laura! Your getting on my nerves already!! Go find something to do." My mom told me.

So, I decided to call my best friend ,Matthew Espinosa, he helps me through everything.

"Hello? Matthew?" I said sobbing.

"Laura, is everything alright? Walk to the park and well talk." Matthew said.

I told my mom that I was leaving but I didn't think she heard me. I always try to be good enough for her but I'm just not good enough I guess. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the park from my house so we meet half way so Matthew and I can walk together.

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