Dark Heart

"I have heard a lot about you ever since you came to this school Payne."
"Oh yeah? And what was that?"
"You're a heartbreaker... And you'll always will be."
"You're different Lena. I know that it may sound weird but I want to be able to get to know you better."
"I don't date guys like you. And I don't fall in love anymore Payne."
"I'll see what I can do to make you fall in love with me."


2. Chapter 1

Lena's P.O.V:

Finally it was time. Senior year has begun for once and for all. I have been waiting for this for my entire life. The first day of school, and the first day, of my final year. I stepped out my car and walk into the school that I call hell, Triumph High School. Even the name sounds stupid as hell.

I already had my new schedule and my locker combination so what else can be done right? I walked up to my locker, #97, and noticed that someone was in front of my locker. I didn't know who he was, or what's he doing, but otherwise, I suppose he's new here.

"Hey umm if you don't mind, can you like move so I can go to my locker please?"

He looked at me for a second, and just chuckled as if I was an idiot.

"Yeah, whatever."

He left and then I made a quick glance and I saw him smirk. What the fuck? Was this just a game he is playing. I looked back at him and mumbled,


I knew that he heard cause once I said it, he gave me a death glare.

I really didn't give a fuck. It's just that on the first day of school, people can be bitchy to most of the other people here.

I heard someone walk up to me, I turned to see and it was just my friend Christine.

"Oh, it's just you Christine, hey."

"Hey Lena. Can I talk to you for just a second?"

"Sure what's up?"

"I saw you talk to him."

She straight always pointed to the boy that I asked to move a couple of minutes ago. He was tall, brown haired, a decent boy for his age. I turned to look and then back at her.

"Yeah so? I just asked him to move that's all."

"Just don't even try to be nice with him. He likes to play his games. Once he moved, I bet he noticed that you're so nice. I saw and noticed his smirk instantly. He's going to play games Lena."

"Just get straight to the point."

"He is known as the "Dark Heart," which means that he is completely a player. Played with many of the girl's hearts before. He had to transfer to many schools before. He loves to play his stupid games. One time, I heard he played with the most prettiest girl's heart from our competitive school he used to be in for the 1st semester of his junior year. Heard that he played her heart for that time, broke her heart into pieces. Heard that she's now afraid to fall in love."

"Oh my god, wait a second. Is the "prettiest girl" from the school is-"

"Lena, it's your cousin Maribel."

My cousin? I always knew she had the reputation of being the prettiest and the most popular girl in the competitive school that's against my school. Why did she even go out with this guy? Was it because of his "good looks"?

"Christine, what's his name?"

"Liam Payne. Now don't even ask me how did all these things travel so quickly. Because obviously news and rumors travel fast here in this ratchet ass school."

"Yeah I know that."

Liam Payne huh? Names sounds so familiar... Have I heard or seen this boy before? I don't know why but... I think I know him.

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