I'll Keep Strong For You

When Noelle's dreams lead her to five mysterious gravestones, her life changes drastically. She is determined to find out who they are, and why they're trying to communicate with her. When she discovers that her mum knows who they are, it intensifies her curiosity, and almost ruins their perfect mother-daughter relationship. I'll Keep Strong For You is a suspenseful fanfiction with the essence of what it means to be a fangirl.


1. Chapter 1

~~Ice cold wind blows in my face. It swirls around, pushing snowflakes into my pale face. I gently push up my scarf so it's over my mouth and nose. I'm alone. Roger is in the car waiting for me; he refused to get and and left me to go by myself. I don't care, I want to be alone.

I've seen and walked this pace many times in my dreams that I've been having for the past four weeks. I get a little farther every night. Last night, I was lucky enough to see the address sign. Something has been telling me to come here, although I still have no clue what.

More wind bites my nose when my scarf slides down; I hastily put it back up. I look around to see the familiar cemetary that I've been dreaming about. Different statues and headstones gaze down on my, and I quickly turn my eyes to the ground, not wanting to stare at the eery figures.

I lift my head when I feel like I'm at a familiar spot. Above me is the green street sign I saw last night. It was my stopping point.

"Alright, I don't know where to go," I say out loud. Honestly, I don't have any ideawhat I'm talking to, but I have a feeling it's someone. Or maybe even something.

The wind pushes my face to the left. There's a pathway that stretches about three yards ahead of me. Although there's many graves any many paths, the headstones at the end of this seem to glow. My mouth drops open like a zombie underneath my scarf as I begin to walk toward them. My steps are slow and cautious, unsure of what's ahead. I reach the end of the path. I look left and right before kneeling in front of them, rubing my hands together to keep warm. I blankly stare at them for a couple minutes. The snow has blanketed each of the engraved stones, covering each of the names on them.

Another gust of wind blows in my direction, but this time, I hear the whispers.

"Your mum," they say, "She knows,"

I look upwards at the cloud covered sky, not knowing whether or not i actually heard anything.

"What?" I whisper back, "She knows what?"

"Them..."  my head jerks back down towards the headstones making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion. The only time I've seen this place is in my dreams. How could anyone my mum knows be buried here?

Feeling like another force is controlling me, I lurch forward, almost hitting the middle stone, but I catch myself before I do. Warming up my hands one last time, I start to brush off the snow that's piling up on that stone. I brush off all five of them before reading the names.

I get a cold shiver as I read each name. I feel like I know these people, but I don't recognize the names.

In Loving Memory Of

Nathan James Sykes

A loving son, brother, and friend

The memory of being here with you, is one I'm gonna take my life through

18 April 1993 -  13 December 2018

I shiver again. Doing the math in my head I realize that he was only 25 when he died. My mum was 18 at the time, so they obviously didn't go to school together. The age gap is too great.

In Loving Memory Of

James Noah Carlos McGuiness

A loyal son, brother, and friend.

Some days, stay gold, forever

24 July 1990 - 18 April 2020

Once again, another shiver runs up my spine. This man was only 31 when he died. Maybe him and Nathan were close friends. I mean, why else would they be buried next to each other.

In Loving Memory Of

Thomas Anthony Parker

Will be missed by wife Kelsey, and fanmily

We're standing in a light that won't fade

4 August 1988 - 23 February 2024

I shiver again. This time, I feel a lump form in my throat. This man, who died at 37, left behind more than the other two. He had a wife.

In Loving Memory Of

Maximillion Alberto George

'Thanks for letting me live the dream, buddy'

Butterflies, butterflies, we were made to fly

5 September 1988 - 23 February 2026

More shivers. He was 39. Why are all these guys dying so young? I read the final headstone.

In Loving Memory Of

Siva Stephan Michael Kaneswaran

WIll be sorely missed by friends and family,

especially wife Nareesha and children Niamph and Aoife

When the innocence is dead and gone, these'll be the times we look back on.

I get my last set of shivers.

I stand up slowly, pondering why I'm here. Did they bring me here? Their spirits maybe? I don't know. I sigh, brushing more snow off my pants. I take one last look at the mysterous graves before swiveling around and heading back to the car.


On the way home, I don't say a word. Roger, our butler, doesn't either. (The rule is that he has to be spoken to first) The small black car drones on through the modern Manchester neighborhood. Another silent 10 minutes pass before we reach my house. By the looks of it, my mum is home. When I walk through the door, I feel her familar greeting; a smile and a hug.

"So where have you and Roger been all afternoon?" she asks, helping me take off my coat.

"Well, remember that graveyard that's been in my dreams?" I reply slowly. She nods, probably wondering where this is going.

"Well... I found it!" I make it sound like more of a positive thing than I really thnk it is. A concerned expression flashes across her face.

"Uh, mum? Do you or dad know anyone named..." I do my best to recall the names, "Thomas Parker-"

She gasps, she goes from concerned to panicked, and that's strange for my normally calm mother. Roger rushes to her aid as she falls into him, breathing heavily, looking like she's about to cry.

"Go to your room, Noelle," she chokes.

I don't say anything, but nod obediantly and go to my room. I crash on my bed as about a million thoughts race through my mind.  Who were those guys? How does my mum know them? Why did she react to the name the way she did? As I lay in my bed thinking, I begin to drift off to sleep.

My dream tonight is different.

After weeks of walking through the same snowy graveyard, tonight I'm sitting in the O2 theater in London. It's an old arena that performers and singers would do shows at. Now a days, you have to be extremely rich to go see artists live. I've seen some live shows, myself, but my parents decided that watching live streams of the shows like everyone else, are less expensive, and I was content with that.

I now sit in the O2, a theater I've never been to. No one is in here, but the stage lights are on. I take notice that I'm sitting in row 5. I sit silently alone for a while until I hear music. It's a song I've never heard before, but the lyrics are more than recognizable.

"Say, my name, like it's the last night. Live, today, like it's the last night,"

A different voice sings the next line.

"We want, to cry, but we know it's all right. 'Cause I'm, with you, and you're, with me."

The song continues picking up an upbeat tempo that I would get up and dance to if I could. A smile creeps to my face as I embrace the lyrics. Even if they were put on their gravestones, the song ment a lot to all five of them.

Whoever they are.

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