The One Left Behind

Jodi's brother left her and her mother four years ago. When Jodi avoids seeing her brother, she meets a band and befriends them. Little does she know, her brother's path will cross her own and she will be faced with a decision that could potentially leave her alone with nobody left.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up with a pounding headache, must be from those mojitos. I rolled over and was greeted by a shirtless boy facing me.


I sat up with a startled squeal.

Luke started to stir, “Jodi?” he groaned against the pillow.

I got out of the bed and sprinted to the bathroom, “Jodi,” He called again, he was awake now.

I slammed the door shut and sat behind it, holding it shut.

“Jodi, please come out.” He said on the other side of the door just seconds later.

“No, Luke. I just wanna go home,” I sobbed.

“Jodi, what’s wrong? What happened? Did I do something? Just please come out and we can talk about it. Then I’ll take you home.”

I stood up and looked in the mirror. I looked like hell. My hair was tangled and messy. My makeup was streaked on my cheeks, although it looked as if somebody tried to clean it off. I looked at my neck and I had a deep purple bruise on it where the man in the alley chocked me. I remembered my elbow then, I looked down and noticed that it was wrapped up and bandaged. I also noticed that I was wearing a much too big t-shirt and a pair of boxers which obviously weren’t mine.

“Oh, God,” I groaned. What happened last night? I’m such a slut.

“Please, Jodi?” Luke pleaded.

I took a deep breath and turned the knob. I peek through the crack in the door.

“What did we do last night?” I glanced down at him and saw that he was just wearing sweatpants.

“What do you mean?” He looked confused. When he saw my glance realization washed over his face, “Oh, God, no, Jodi,” he closed his eyes, put his hand through his hair and let out a deep breath, “Nothing happened. We didn’t do anything. I promise you, I just gave you some clothes and you changed into them and then you passed out before I even came back with your Advil, which you should probably take.”

He turned around and walked over to the night stand.

Hesitantly I followed him, “Really? I mean, I don’t really remember much after we came inside. I suppose I was just so tired and those mojitos, those mojitos defiantly did not help. And then when I woke up and saw what I was wearing and what you were wearing-“ I broke off and looked him up and down again. I gulped and looked up at his face. When I saw that he was watching me I quickly turned my head to hide my blushing, “I’m sorry, I’m babbling. Again.”
He handed me my Advil and a glass of water. He picked up a pile of clothes on the bed, “It’s okay. I like it, it’s your tell.”

I was about to ask him what he meant but he kept going, “Here’s your clothes. They were wet last night so I washed them, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, thank you.”

“It was no trouble, really. I’ll be downstairs, you can change if you’d like. Would you like anything for breakfast? Bacon, eggs, pancakes?” He asked.

“Um, eggs?”

He smiled, “See you in a few.” He quietly closed the door and I sank down on the bed. I downed the Advil and put my head in my hands.

“My God.” I whispered, “What have I done?”

I quickly ripped of Luke’s clothes and as I was putting my own on, there was a knock at the door.

“Hey, Luke?” I froze in terror. The voice sounded familiar, was it Luke? Obviously it wasn’t Luke, he wouldn’t talk to himself like that. When I didn’t answer, he continued, “I’m gonna head over to my house, my mom says my sister’s on her way home and she wants to see me.” I still didn’t say anything, I didn’t even breath, “So, uh, I guess I’ll see you later then.”

After I heard his footsteps disappear down the hall, I started getting dressed again. I ran into the bathroom and started scraping my makeup off. I finally got the mascara off my cheeks leaving them red and swollen. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and left the bathroom.
I was walking down the hallway before I realized I had no idea where I was going. I passed 3 doors before I found the stairs, I figured the kitchen would be on the main floor so the stairs would be my best bet.

I took the steps slowly, my head throbbing with each one.

When I got to the bottom of the steps I could hear voices. Two of them. One was familiar. Luke. I was about to go around the corner into the kitchen when one of them said something.

“Is she hot?” Were they talking about me? I blushed.

“No, she’s not.” Luke said. My heart dropped. “She’s going home after breakfast.”

“So you two didn’t fuck?” The mystery boy asked.

I nearly choked. Is it normal to be that blunt?

“No, I didn’t. I wouldn’t do that to her.” Luke said. I heard the other boy laugh. I turned to go back upstairs and my toes caught one of the steps, “I think she’s coming down, shut up.”
I took a deep breath and walked into the open, not letting them see that I had overheard them.

“Hey, I got your-“ Luke started.

“I have to go.” I cut him off.


“I just don’t feel good. My head hurts and besides, my mom is probably wondering where I am.” I’m not sure if that last part was true, but I know the first part was. I felt like I was about to throw up, and I doubt it was from those mojitos.

I turned around and headed for the door. I saw my phone and my purse on the side table next to the couch, I picked them up.

I paused when I opened the door, but not long enough for them to notice. I could feel their eyes on me as I closed the door behind me.

I wasn’t even at the bottom of the steps yet when I heard booming laughter coming from inside the house.

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