The One Left Behind

Jodi's brother left her and her mother four years ago. When Jodi avoids seeing her brother, she meets a band and befriends them. Little does she know, her brother's path will cross her own and she will be faced with a decision that could potentially leave her alone with nobody left.


2. Chapter 2

"Hey there, sugar. What’s a pretty lady like you doing out so late?” he stepped into the dim light and I could see his face. He was a scruffy looking man, very tall and slender with dark clothing and some stubble of a beard, “Looking for a date?”

“Sorry, wrong turn.” I headed back for the road. I’d rather face the bone-chilling wind than the scary man in the shadows that chilled me to the bone when he spoke.

“Not so fast, sugar. We’re not done here.” He grabbed my arm and spun me around. He pulled me deeper into the alley.

“Let go of me.” It was barely audible. “I said let go of me!” This time he could hear it.

“Shut up, you little skank! I’ll let you go when I’m done with you.” He grabbed my face and pushed me against the damp brick wall. It must have rained while I was in the bar. “And don’t bother screaming, nobody is going to hear you.”

Ignoring completely what he said, I screamed anyways. The sound exploded from my lungs and bounced off the walls of the alley making it sound even louder. Surely somebody must have heard that.

He pushed is arm against my throat cutting off my breathing. He starting feeling my body in a way I’d rather not have him. I kicked and scratched at him but he seemed to feel nothing.
My head started to spin and the edges of my vision were beginning to blur.

“Let go of her!” a familiar voice yelled.

I managed to turn my head enough to see that Luke was coming into the alley, “I said let her go.”

The man moved his arm and grabbed my hair. He threw me aside and turned towards Luke.
I tripped over a piece of garbage and fell into a puddle, making a hole in my shirt at my elbow and scraping my side where my shirt rose up.

“What you gonna do ‘bout it, lover boy?” the man taunted.

“I think I’ll just wait ‘til the police show up.” Luke said coolly. Did he really call the police already?

“Liar!” He spat, “They’re not coming, you-“the police sirens were faint, but they were loud enough to be heard.

I sat against the brick wall shivering as I watched the man look at Luke with disbelief. He looked down at me and then he took off running.

Luke ran over to me and crouched beside me, “Are you alright? You’re bleeding.” He gently grabbed my elbow, “Come on, let’s get you to the car.”

“But, Luke, aren’t the police coming?” I looked at him through my tears.

“No, I was lying. Lucky for me, somebody else is in trouble tonight.” He grinned.

He helped me in the car and then he was in and he took off making the tires squeal.

“Where am I supposed to go?” I whispered.

“What do you mean? You can’t go home?”

“I mean, if my mom sees me like this she is gonna freak. And she’ll know I’ve been drinking, she’ll be able to smell it on me and she’ll freak out with my clothes all ripped up and she won’t ever let me out again but if I don’t go home she’ll be worried about me and she’ll be freaking out and then when I do show up she still won’t ever let me go out and-“I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started gasping for air. I dumped my purse on my lap and found my inhaler. I shook it up and used it, letting it open up my airway. I repeated that two more times until I could take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry. I think I just had an anxiety attack.” I buried my face in my hands.

“Jodi, are you okay?”

“Yes.” I whispered looking out the window thinking of all the possible punishments I might get when I get home.

“You can stay at my place.”

I looked at him with a startled surprise, “What?”

“I said you could stay at my place tonight, I mean, if it’s alright with you. You wouldn’t have to if it made you uncomfortable.”

“But what would I tell my mom? I couldn’t just disappear for a night without telling her.” I yawned and thought for a second, “Maybe I could tell her I’m staying at Kaycee’s.” I yawned again.

“Are you tired?”

I nodded.

“We’re almost there, only a few more minutes.”


A few minutes later we pulled into a driveway to a small house. All the lights were off.

“Are your parents in bed?” I asked totally forgetting that they’d be home.

“I don’t live with my parents.” He said and got out of the car. He came over to my door and helped me out. I didn’t know I’d be as sore as I was just from getting thrown to the ground. “I live with my bandmates. I’m in a band.”

“That’s cool. My brother’s in a band. Or I suppose it’d be more of a boy band, a bunch of immature boys running around wreaking havoc.” I said bitterly.

“What’s his name?” he asked suddenly.


“Your brother’s,” he said.

“Why do you even want to know?” I spat.

“Just curious,” He shrugged.

“It’s-“My yawn cut me off before I could say his name.

“Let’s get you inside.”

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