This is the story of a boy who lives in the Pokemon universe. His name is Wisp. Unlike most other children who live in the mystical world of Pokemon he has dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. The only problem is how is he going to accomplish anything while all odds are against him. For as long as he could remember everyone who knew him, has hated him. And now an evil has been awakened that seems to have some ties with him. All he ever wanted was to be a Pokemon master but what the world needs is a hero, a savior, a legend.


4. The Good Professer

When I got to the professor's place she seemed pretty mad." Didn't I tell you to stay away from my house." "Yes" I said "but this is the lab". Grrrr is all I heard. I explained everything that happened that day and hearing I was leaving she became overly excited. "Well there are no more good Pokemon left but I do have that wuss of a riolu" "Sure" I said. "Here take it he is weak any way". "Not for long I retorted" she handed me a poke ball and I walked out the door. I through up the ball and shouted, " riolu I chose you!". Then I brought out my ralts. I quickly gained the information my riolu is a boy with a timid nature. Ralts seemed to be getting pleasure from tormenting riolu. Stop that I said. Suddenly the prof started yelling at me, "Go away already!" She yelled. I grabbed my Pokemon and ran.

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