This is the story of a boy who lives in the Pokemon universe. His name is Wisp. Unlike most other children who live in the mystical world of Pokemon he has dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. The only problem is how is he going to accomplish anything while all odds are against him. For as long as he could remember everyone who knew him, has hated him. And now an evil has been awakened that seems to have some ties with him. All he ever wanted was to be a Pokemon master but what the world needs is a hero, a savior, a legend.


3. My Partner

Out of the egg pops a ralts. Ralts he says. "Wow a ralts I say". Isn't he the cutest! He starts of laughing but then gets red with anger." Why is he so mad" I ask? At this he is more angry. "What is wrong with him!" I ask. Then the ralts uses magical leaf. It hits me. I stare at it. It points to my father and shakes it's head in disapproval. It points to my mother and nods. Ohhh I get it my ralts is a girl. Ralts nods and jumps into my arms. I hold her like a baby. My dad gives me a pokeball and says, gently tap her on the head with it. I do just that. She goes in. The pokeball shakes, it shakes again then she jumps out. She uses psychic on the ball and throws out the window. I decide to just let her be and go back to the conversation with my parents. "May I please go?" I asked. As I began to beg they just said okay. I paused. I was very cautious, "So I can go?" I asked. "Sure" they said. "As long as you and ralts here promise to take care of each other. I looked at ralts. She looked at me and gave me what seemed to be a smile. "We promise" I said "Ralts ralts" she said. "Okay then but maybe go to the old professors house see if she will give you a Pokemon first huh?" I didn't think Professor Crystal would really give me one but I nodded grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

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