This is the story of a boy who lives in the Pokemon universe. His name is Wisp. Unlike most other children who live in the mystical world of Pokemon he has dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. The only problem is how is he going to accomplish anything while all odds are against him. For as long as he could remember everyone who knew him, has hated him. And now an evil has been awakened that seems to have some ties with him. All he ever wanted was to be a Pokemon master but what the world needs is a hero, a savior, a legend.


1. In Ancient Times

Long long ago, when Pokemon where the supreme beasts and humans didn't even exist.....

A dark figure floats towards the ground. A distraught mew stands there panting. The chase has obviously been on for a while now. The mew turns into a ninjask and flys away, the dark figure, or cloud of darkness stays there. Suddenly mew can barely stop when the figure appears in front of him. Mew turns in fear and sees another one. It is surrounded. Mew uses aura sphere. Nothing happens. Surely against a dark type Pokemon something would of happen. Maybe it is a ghost type, a dark pulse does nothing. Mew does an attack of every type but the figure is unfazed. Mew shrieks in terror as the figure approaches. It suddenly sends out a blast of darkness. The other copy does the same thing. Distraught and at his wits end, mew gives a loud whistling sound. Suddenly all of the legendaries, pseudo legendaries, and semi-pseudo legendaries appear. A glorious battle is fought. In the end the psychic types were able to keep still the beasts long enough to be trapped under a magic seal and hidden under ground. Mew lets out a heal pulse and the Pokemon go back. But first, mew telepathically warns everyone, that the beasts will be back and a hero will come and with his partner they will destroy the beasts.

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