Sometimes people seem to be the happiest people on earth and don't live such a fairytale at home or some seem to be the sweetest people in the universe but turn on you in a second. Follow Janette through life as she realizes people are nit always as they seem...


3. Truth and sadness.

  As I am walking to 5th period I see Nits crying. Kira is about the nicest person I know. As she is running into tjr restroom I see her drop a note. Should I pick it up? No but, what if I can help? I pick it up.


        Dear Kira,

              There is something I need to.tell you. Mom has cancer. I know it is a lot to take in but hear me out god will help us. Hope you have a good day! 


        Aunt Ella


Wow! I can't believe it! Kiras dad has already died and now her mom has cancer. It is amazing how some people can be so happy and kind yet have so much tragedy at home. Kira is amazing...

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