"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


7. Chapter 7

 Shelby POV 

 I heard cameras going off and flashes filled the room. I smiled and started posing for the pictures. Calum was still dead asleep and I laughed as I posed. I leaned over and kissed his lips. Everyone looked in shock and I laughed. 

 Calum opened his eyes and kissed back. I smiled and got out of bed and went to take a shower. 

 Calum POV 

 I felt Shelby place her warm lips onto mine. I kissed back and she smiled and went into the bathroom. 

 "Ummmm, Can I help you?" I asked as I got out of the bed.

 "Yes you can Calum Hood, when did this happen?" Abby asked with an attitude.

 "Shelby and I, Yesterday when we both left the room." I answered. 

 Luke, Michael, and Ashton all smirked. 

 "It was nothing like that, I kissed her and she ran, I caught up to her and we quickly smoked a cigarette and I asked her why she ran then I asked her to be my girlfriend." I explained and immediately slapped my hand over my mouth. 

 "WHAT!!" Abby yelled 

 "SHHH, Nobody knows except me and Luke and you guys don't know either got it." I growled 

 "Alright, we don't know but I'm chunking the cigarettes." Abby said and grabbed them out of Shelby's purse. 

 "NO!!" I yelled and grabbed them back and put them in my pocket. 

 "Calum, why did you start that?" Luke asked 

 "Look I had done it before but I quite and then I just started recently okay just leave it I'll be fine." I said and Shelby walked out of the bathroom. I shot the boys and Abby a look and they understood. 

 "I'm going to take a shower." I said and walked into the bathroom. I snuck the cigarettes back into Shelby's purse and got into the shower. 

 Shelby POV 

 Calum came out of the shower and everyone left. I laughed and started to do my hair and make up. I plugged in my curling wand and got my make up. 

 "Cal?" I called 

 "Yeah?" He yelled back.

 "Since we are only here for tonight, switch with me?" I yelled. He walked into the bathroom. 

 "Mikey will take Ash and you can come her and then stay with me in the hotel rooms with me." I offered 

 "I don't think management will be okay with that." He said as he inched closer.

 "Sorry, not now I have things to do"I said and grabbed my curling wand and started to curl my hair. After a few pieces of hair Calum took the wand and started to o my hair. After finishing my hair I did my make up. 

 "Do we have anything to do today?" I asked 

 "No, not today, I'm gonna go to sleep." He said and got into the bed.

 "Alright I'll be back I'm going over a few designs with Abby." I said and walked out.

  I walked down to Abby's room and knocked. She came to the door and let me in. Luke was asleep and I told her to come with me. We walked to the other rooms and checked to see if the other boys were asleep. They were all knocked out. I laughed and brought Abby to my room. 

 We quietly grabbed my make up and quickly did Calum's. I took multiple pictures and we left. We did this to all of the boys and took pictures. 

 I grabbed a random air horn that Abby had and opened all of the doors. I ran into each room blowing the air horn and Abby jumped on the beds. We ran out as soon as all of the boys noticed. They chased us into the lobby of the hotel. We got a few fans to come inside and swarm the boys as we got away. 

 They came running down the hall and we hid the girls. Abby and I stood in the middle of the room and the stopped. 

 "We are soo gonna get you for this." They said 

 "Oh real I suggest you back off or else." We said 

 "Or else what?" They yelled

 "We'll hurt you." I said 

 "You and what army?" They laughed 

 "Try me?" I asked 

 "Yep." Luke yelled 

 "Okay whatever you say." I said 

 "Girls." I yelled and the boys looked confused. The girls hopped up and the boys froze. 

 "You wouldn't dare." Ashton said 

 "Move a muscle and they are yours. Well more like you are theirs" Abby laughed.

 Calum began walking towards us and We sat there. I couldn't do that to Calum. It was too late Abby called the girls and we ran and the boys were swarmed. We ran upstairs and grabbed all of their things and went into my room and locked the door. 

 We heard people banging on the door and I looked out of the eye hole. It was security guards.

 I opened the door and they looked around.

 "Are you Shelby and Abby?" They asked 

 "Umm, Who is asking?" I asked 

 "5sos management." They informed me 

 "Oh well we are their stylist, all of that was harmless joke." I said 

 "Managment would like to speak to you, Abby, Luke, and Calum please." They said 

 I looked at Abby and looked back at the guard.

 "When and do we have to inform the boys?" I asked

 "Now and no they are waiting for you." They said 

 I nodded and we grabbed our bags and phones and left. We got put into a car and met Calum and Luke. I pecked Calum's cheek and greeted Luke. Abby pecked Lukes cheek and greeted Calum. 

 "I get it now!" I yelled

 "What?" Luke asked 

 "They want to talk to us because we are the only two couples!" I yelled 

 "That makes more sense now." Abby laughed and we pulled up to a large building. Abby and I had never been here before so we clung to Luke and Calum. 

 Here we go. I hope they don't make us brake up but we will find out soon I guess.

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