"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


4. Chapter 4

 Shelby POV 

 We went to a massive house in a very quiet neighborhood. 

 "Okay girls, this is where we will be staying until the tour starts so make yourselves at home." Ashton said 

 "Alright." We said 

 "Hey, do they have an extra room that's empty?" I asked 

 "Yeah, why?" Michael asked 

 "I need somewhere to design your clothes." I told them

 "Then that will be your design room." Ashton yelled and we all went inside.We walked in and we were shocked. 

 "You guys are a mess." I told them

 "Yeah we have a bad problem." Michael laughed. 

 "Well, follow me and I'll show you to your rooms." Luke said and we walked upstairs. Luke showed Abby first and then me. As he was walking out of my room I called him back.

 "Hey Luke?" I called 

 "What?" He asked

 "What's up with Calum he hasn't said a word." I asked 

 "I don't know, I'll talk to him if you like." He said 

 "Alright, Well if you guys need me I'll be in my design room." I said and grabbed my sketch pad and materials. 

 ***3 hours later***

 "Boys!" I yelled as I went down the steps.

 "Yes?" Ashton called 

 "I need you all in my design room now." I told them and walked off with them right behind me. 

 Abby walked in to help out and write the stuff down. 

 "Alright so you need to take off your shirts so I can get measurements, now." I told them and handed a pen and note pad to Abby. 

 I quickly measured all of them and they left. 

 "Alright Abby, time to make the clothes." I told her and we pulled out a lot of materials. We made about 20 outfits each and we will make more along the road. 

 We walked downstairs and into the living room. 

 "Hey girls, done already." Luke asked 

 "Yep, made 20 outfits each." I replied 

 "Cool, you want to go to the mall?" Ashton asked 

 "Nah, You guys go I need to do somethings." I told them. 

 "OOOO, We have a good girl on our hands." Ashton yelled 

 "I am not." I yelled in defense

 "Yes you are, Come on Shelby loosen up!!" Abby said.

 "No, I have things to do." I told them

 "Fine, I'm going then." Abby said 

 "Okay go then." I told her 

 "Guys, I'm not going to go either I'm not feeling well." Calum said and walked up to his room. Luke pulled me to the side. 

 "Look, now is your chance to ask Cal why he's been so distant, go ahead and do it." He told me and then left with the others. I walked up stairs and knocked on Calum's door. 

 "Guys, I'm not going." He yelled 

 "They left already I just wanted to talk." I said while opening the door. 

 "Oh,Umm, go ahead." Claum said and let me in. I sat down on his bed beside him. (BESIDE YOUUUUU, Sorry 5sos outburst) 

 "Cal? Why have you been so....Quiet lately." I asked 

 "I don't really know, I just feel different." He said 

 "Look, I know how you feel, I went through this but it all went away when I met Abby so maybe you need find a best friend other than the boys." I told him 

 "Yeah maybe I do, Thanks Shelby." He said 

 "You can call me tinker bell, that's what everyone else calls me." I told him.

 "Why!" He asked 

 I threw my hair in a bun and started to pout. 

 "Ohhh, That's kinda weird." He said

 "Yeah and my height doesn't help." I told him 

 "How tall are you anyway, I mean you're really small." He asked 

 "Well, that was quite rude and I'm 4' 9" and I'm 16" I told him 

 "WOW, You're short." He yelled 

 "That's rude!!" I yelled and playfully punched him in the arm. He looked at me and I ran. He started to chase me. I ran down the steps and into the kitchen. I grabbed some chocolate syrup from the fridge and pointed it at Calum.

 "You wouldn't." He said and stopped 

 "One more step and it's all over you." I told him 

 He stepped towards me as a test and he was covered in chocolate syrup. He grabbed a handful of Nutella and ran after me. I ran to the living room and hid behind a chair. He found me and I screamed as he spread Nutella in my hair. 

 We ran back to the kitchen and started to grab random things from the cabinets and the fridge and threw them at each other. I picked up and egg and the front door opened and we froze. 

 "What are you doing?" Luke asked, I threw the egg at Calum and we still stayed frozen. 

 "Umm, We uhh." I tried to explain but nothing came out. 

 "Got shower." Ashton said 

 "Yes sir." Calum and I said and we walked upstairs. I showered in my room and Calum in his. 

 I finished showering and got into some different clothes and walked downstairs. I looked at the kitchen it was a mess. 

 "Cal!!" I yelled and he walked downstairs. 

 "We have to clean this up."I tole him and we started to clean. 

 ****4 hours later**** 

  We ended up cleaning the entire house so now the house is very clean. I walked back to my design room with Calum and then called all of the other boys in. They came rushing in and I pulled out some clothes. 

 "Okay so these are your clothes for your first 20 concerts. I need to try them on." I handed them to them. 

 "Alright." they agreed. 

 "They all left and came back with the first clothes on. I tweaked them and then collected them all back. 

 I packed them into containers that had the boys name on it. I walked out of my design room and into my room. I fell onto my bed and quickly fell asleep.

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