"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


21. Chapter 21

 Shelby POV 

 I grabbed my laptop and put on little mix as I typed up some reports for simon and looked up something for fabric since I have to have new clothes for tour. I was looking at fabric and singing little mix boy when Ashton walked in.

 "Forget that boy, Forget that boy. A bad boy ain't good enough for you." I sang. 

 "What about this bad boy." He said and kissed me. 

 "Hey baby." I said.  

 "Hey, What are you doing?" He asked sitting next to me. 

 "Look for fabric for the bands clothes." I said and scrolled through and selecting fabrics. He nodded and watched. 

 My phone started  ringing and Morgan's name showed up on the screen.

 S- Hello 

 M- Hey, I need a favor. 

 S- yeah 

 M- I need you to distract Ashton while I sneak into the house. please. 

 S- Alright. 

 I said and hung up. When I got off the phone I closed my laptop and set it to the side. 

 "WHat's wrong babe?" Ashton asked. 

 "Nothing just tired of looking at fabric. I need something to get it off my mind." I said and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to me. I kissed him and pushed him down on the bed. 

 "Feisty." He smirked. I stripped his shirt off and kissed down his chest. I got down to his pants and stripped them off as well.  I saw him growing in his boxers. I smirked and rubbed him. He moaned and pushed against me. He pulled me up to him and kissed me. I kissed on his neck and left a few hickeys. 

 I went down again and pulled his boxers off. I grabbed him and kissed him. He moaned and threw his head back. I slowly wrapped my lips around him and began to move up and down. He gasped and grabbed my head. He pushed my head and made me deep throat him. He came and I debated what to do. I had never done this before. He looked at me. I kept going. He smirked and pulled me to him and kissed me. I grabbed him he gasped. I moved my hand. 

 He stripped my clothes quickly and kissed me. 

 "How do I taste now?" He growled. 

 "So we are playing this game. Good thing I'm amazing at this." I snapped and he kissed up my thigh and kissed me. I gasped. He put his fingers in and I moaned. I bucked my hips and he smirked. He moved in and out slowly at first then faster. My breathing got quick and heavy. He hit my g spot several times. He stopped right before my climax. 

 He kissed me agin and licked. I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his head. I pushed his head down and pulled his hair. He moaned against me and continued. I hit my climax and let him go. He kissed me. 

 "Don't you love how you taste?" He moaned. He flipped me over and pulled my ass to him. He slowly entered me and I screamed. He pulled me and kissed me as he slowly went in and out faster and faster. His hips hit my harder with each thrust. He grabbed my hair and thrust harder. I moaned. 

 He flipped me over and wasted no time to enter me again. He thrust hard and fast. He hit my g spot every time and we climaxed at the same time. He moaned loudly and I moaned his name loudly. 

 "That's hot" He breathe out. He laid next to me. 

 "That was your first time giving a blow job." He smirked. 

 "Maybe but what about you. I don't believe you've eat out before." I said and moved to him. 

 "Believe it." He said and put himself in me again. He didn't move. We laid there. He threw the covers over us and kissed me. I kissed back rougher and rocked my hips. He bit my lip. 

 "I'll have to go round two if you keep doing that." He growled in my ear. I laughed and kissed him. I layed my head on his chest and we went to sleep.  


 I woke up and I was still on his chest. I moved away from him and got out of bed. I put on my panties and his shirt. I walked downstairs to be met with Morgan. 

 "Hey sex princess. I'm surprised you can even walk from what I heard last night." She said. 

 "Apposed to what you did with Michael?" I smirked. 

 "You guys are so much louder with it and a lot more rough. Plus how did you even know that." She asked

 "You wouldn't need to sneak in if you didn't do anything you were supposed to." I said and we both fix coffee and sat down and talked. 

 "So, when's the wedding?" She asked. 

 "I think we are going to just go sign the papers at a court house." I said.

 "But what about the big wedding you wanted?" She said shocked. 

 "I don't know I just don't seem to want that anymore. I'm not even really sure why." I said. 

 "Really, That not usually what happens but I mean that you." She said. 

 "Anyway, So how are things with you and him." I asked. 

 "We are pretty good actually. I mean, I really like him and he's so amazing and oh my god last night was amazing." She said. 

 "Did you at least use protection?" I asked. 

 "Yeah, What about you and my brother?" She laughed. 

 "We don't need that. I mean We've been trying forever but I can't get pregnant anyway" I said and took  a sip of coffee.

 "What? What do you mean?" She asked

 "I don't know. The doctor said I won't be able to get pregnant but Its possible in the future." I said. 

 "Well maybe now is the future. You could be pregnant." She said. 

 "Any so could you. So watch it." I snapped. He face dropped. 

 "I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from." I said and she nodded. 

 "It's fine. I know I could be. Do you think you could bring me by to get a test?" She asked. I nodded. 

 "Let's go get dressed." I said and we walked upstairs. I walked into the room and put on some high waisted pink shorts and a black long sleeved shirt. I tucked it in and put on black combat boots. I grabbed my car keys and phone. 

 "Where are you going sexy." Ashton asked and pulled me by my waist onto the bed. 

 "I'm going to get breakfast with Morgan." I said and kissed him. 

 "Now get your ass up and shower." I smiled and walked to the door. I stopped and turned around. 

 "Oh and clean the room. It smells of rough sex. I'll pick up new sheets on the way home." I said and we left. 


 We got the test and sheets. Since she couldn't take it at home we went to Michael's. He told us we could and we all waited. He was so nervous. Morgan was taking the test. 

 "Why are you nervous, You used protection." I said

 "Yeah we did but what she doesn't know is that the condom broke and the pill doesn't always work. Plus I'm not even sure she took it that night." Michael said. My eyes widened. 

 "Michael Clifford!!!!! She could be pregnant and Ashton is going to kill you already. He told you not to have sex with her !!!!!! You go and make it worse to where she could be pregnant!!! Do you realize what you just got yourself into!!!" I whisper yelled. He put his head in his hands. 

 "I'm a mom." I heard Morgan say. My head shot up and she was staring blankly at the test. I took it and it had two pink lines. 

 "Fuck." I said. Her expression quickly changed. 

 "You did this Michael. What am I supposed to tell Ashton!!! He already told you not to sleep with you!!! Now I'm fucking pregnant!!!" She yelled as she cried and walked to him. He hugged her as she cried in his arms. 

 "I have a plan but Ashton isn't going to be happy." I said. We all got calmed down and we sat in the living room. 

 "Okay, So We all know that you have the money to support the baby. but the thing is we need to get you moved in here okay Morgan." I said and they nodded. "We can't do it while Ashton is home because he'll asked questions so michael you are going to get him out of the house for a couple of hours. Morgan and I are going to go back him like nothing happened. Tonight Morgan you start packing and Michael tomorrow I'll call you and let you know when to get Ashton and we'll finish packing up and move everything here. Then that night We are going to tell him but It's going to be a surprise." I said and looked at them as they nodded. 

 "Morgan every night Ashton looks at your twitter and instagram. So what you are going to do is put in your instagram bio that you are a mommy to be and then tweet that you are having a baby with the best guy ever and tag Michael. Michael you do the same and tag Morgan. If he ask me I'll be calm and make him calm too okay. But be careful because He probably will come over and talk about it and he'll be pissed." I finished. The both nodded and agreed with the plan. We said our goodbyes and then left. 

 Here we go. Now it's the hard part. I thought and took a deep breath. 

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