"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


19. Chapter 19

Michael POV 

 I woke up to see that Luke was in front of me still asleep. I stretched and got up. I heard the bathroom door open and Morgan walked out in just a towel. I turned around. 

 "Sorry." I said and she laughed. 

 "It's okay Michael, I'm covered." SHe said and I turned around. 

 "What happened last night?" I asked confused.

 "Well I came to hang out with you guys, Everyone was drinking. I didn't because I'm underage. We played truth or dare and some other revealing games. Everyone ended up almost naked. We all started drinking and then we passed out I guess." She told me. I laughed . 

 "Ashton is going to kill us." I said. 

 "I wouldn't worry about that, Him and Shelby had a little fun last night." SHe said. 

 "OHH, I get it." I laughed. 

 "DO you have some sweats and a shirt. THey are kinda in my room." SHe asked I grabbed clothes and gave them to her. I turned around and she changed. 

 "Well, they sleep hard huh?" SHe asked pointing to Calum and Luke. 

 "Yeah, more when they get hammered. Wanna go get some breakfast." I asked 

 "You act like I don't have a life." SHe sassed. 

 "Okay, I'll go by myself." I said 

 "GOod thing I don't have one. Let's go little boy." SHe laughed. 

 "I am a year older than you." I laughed back. She gave me a look and I nodded. 

 We got down to the lobby and quickly grabbed food. We sat down and she grabbed my bottle of orange juice. 

 "Oh my god, It's Michael clifford from 5seconds of summer. Oh my gosh can I please have your autograph." She said like one of our fans. I laughed. 

 "I'm sorry but I'm currently eating breakfast with a beautiful girl." I smiled. 

 "Okay, if that's your way of flirting then you are so clique." She smiled and put the bottle back. 

 "I'm a clique guy." I said. 

 We finished our food and she looked at me then the fans outside. 

 "Don't you just wish you could met every single one of them. Hold the ones that need to be held, helped the ones that need to be helped." She said and kept her gaze to the window. 

 "Yeah, I do but some of them are just really aggressive to see without protection." I said and looked at her. 

 "I'm here." She said 

 "We are going to need a lot more than you." I said

 "Oh Really. Hold on." SHe said and walked outside. 

 She yelled something and The fans fell quiet and calm. Phones and posters went down and moving was to a minimum. I was shocked. 

 "There you go. Now's your chance, let's go." SHe said and took my hand. We walked outside and they all slowly got in a line and walked to me. 

 *****4 hours later*****

 I had met most of the fans and I was so amazed at the amount of them. 

 "MICHAEL!!!" I heard Calum yell and come over to me. I stopped in his tracks at the sight of the fans calmness. 

 "how?" He asked. I shrugged. 

 "I told them something and they all went quiet and calm." Morgan said and smiled. 

 Calum left and the fans died down. 

 "So, How is being the 2nd biggest boy band in the world." Morgan asked. 

 "Insane." I said. She nodded and watched the fans. I grabbed her waist and pulled her into me and kissed her. She kissed back slowly. The fans cheered and took pictures. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed harder. We pulled apart and I looked at her. 

 "Strawberries lipgloss?" I asked and she laughed then nodded. 

 "That is my favorite lipgloss and you ruined it." She laughed. 

 "You don't have to worry about that again. When AShton finds out I'm a dead man." I said. 

 "He needs to let me loose a little." SHe said 

 "Your 17, he's 20. You are his baby sister." I said and she shrugged. 

 Morgan POV 

 Michael and I  went back up stairs and to his and Ashton's room. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. Michael sat on his bed and I laughed.

 "Come here."  I said and he came over and sat next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me. I turned off the tv and covered up. Michael covered up and I grabbed my phone. I started playing wherever you are and put it on repeat. 

 I laid my head on his chest and she pulled me close to him. He started singing in my ear until me both fell  back asleep. 

 ******Hours later******

 "MORGAN MARIE IRWIN!!!!!" I heard Ashton yell. Shit. I then felt cold. THe blanket was gone and Ashton was at the end of the bed with it in his hands. 

 I sat up. 

 "What Ashton." I asked. 

 "Tell me why you are asleep on Michael." HE said with anger. 

 "Because I'm 17 Ashton. If I want to just sleep with a guy I can. Nothing happened we're both still dressed. We were never undressed. Hell If I wanted to fuck him I could. You wouldn't be able to say anything about. I'm 17, I get that I'm still your baby sister and you want to protect me from bad decisions but you have to let me make mistakes or I won't learn Ashton. Let me fuck up and be there to help me pick up the pieces. That's what older brothers are for." I yelled. He dropped the blanket and walked out. 

 I sat down on the bed and Michael pulled me back. He kissed me. I kissed him back.

 "I'm gonna go get dressed." I said and walked to my room. I unlocked the door and walked in to an empty room. I quickly got dressed and put Michael's clothes in my bag. I walked back to him room and stopped. I heard yelling come from inside. 

 "I swear michael if you get my sister pregnant I will kill you." Ashton yelled. 

 "Dude, calm down. I won't get her pregnant until she's ready. I'm not doing anything with her until she's ready. It's her call and it always has been." Michael yelled back. 

 "I'd watch yourself Michael." Ashton growled and then it fell silent. I knocked and Ashton flung the door open. 

 "What." He spit.

 "I didn't come here to see you. I came for Michael." I smirked. Michael grabbed his wallet and phone. He shoved pass Ashton and we walked away. 

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