"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


17. Chapter 17

 Ashton POV 

 We walked off of the plane and got our bags then went to the car that was waiting for us. 

 ****Skip car ride****

 We finally pulled up at my moms house and grabbed our bags and walked to the front door. I knocked calmly and the door opened. 

 "ASHTON!!!!" My sister yelled 

 "Hey Morgan." I said and gave her a hug.

 "Why do you have so many bags??" SHe asked 

 "Hi, I'm Shelby." She said walking to morgan and shook her hand. 

 "Hi, I'm Morgan, Ashton's sister, and you are?" Morgan asked her. 

 "Ashton's fiance." She said.

 "OOO, Congrats big bro, She's hot." Morgan laughed. 

 "That's kinda why I proposed." I smiled and we walked inside. 

 "So where's mom?" I asked and Heard Harry answer. 

 "She's out shopping." He yelled and ran down stairs and hugged me.

 "Alright, We are going to go unpack." I said and we walked to my room. 

 Shelby POV 

 "Ash, I don't think this was a good idea." I said 

 "WHat?" He said 

 "I'm not sure if your mom will like me." I said and sat down on his bed. 

 "Look, I don't care if she doesn't like you. I love you and that's all that matters. She won't change that." He said and kissed me. 

 "I love you too." I said. 

 We finished unpacking when I got a phone call. It was my mom. 

 S- Hello

 SM- Hey baby 

 S- What do you want 

 SM- TO talk to you

 S- I dont want to talk to you

SM- FIne bye 

 S- Bye

 "Who was that?" Ashton asked 

 "My mom, Now all of a sudden she wants to be a mom." I said and dropped my phone. 

 "Come with me." Ashton said and we walked to his back yard and jumped the fence into a little field. 

 We walked to a patch of flowers. 

 "This was my place to think and get away from everything." HE said and sat down. 

 "What did you have to get away from, you have a perfect life." I asked and sat down next to him and put my head on his shoulder. 

 "The drama, stress, the band." He said and grabbed my hand. 

 "GOd shelby, You're freezing." He said and picked me up and walked back to the house. He put me in his bed and threw the blankets around me. 

 "Baby, I'm fine, it's just my hands." I laughed. "Can I go take a shower, it's late." I asked and got up. 

 "Only if I can." He said 

 "Well, It looks like I'm not taking a shower tonight." I said and walked out of his room. I ran into a lady and knocked a bag out of her hands. I quickly grabbed the bag and handed it to her. 

 "I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching were I was going and I'm such an idiot." I said and she laughed.  

 "It's fine dear, may I ask who you are?" HSe said 

 "I'm SHelby, Ashton's fiance." I said and held out a hand. 

 "Oh, Umm, he never mentioned you before." SHe said.

 "Probably because we were really close friends before He asked." I laughed. I then realized I was standing in front of Ashton's door. SHe was clearly trying to get in. 

 "Oh Gosh, I'm so sorry." I said and stepped aside. SHe opened his door and he was sitting on his bed on twitter. 

 "Ashton." She said with a smile. 

 "Hey mom." He hugged her. I walked in behind her. 

 "I see you have met Shelby." He said and walked to me. 

 "Yes I have, SHe is a very sweet young lady. WHy haven't you mentioned her before?" She asked  

 "Oh, well we were really good friends and I didn't think you cared about my friends." He said. 

 SHe laughed. "Well, I care enough to know about your fiance." She said and pointed to the ring on my finger. 

 "Yeah, sorry mom." He smiled. SHe laughed. 

 "GO take a shower Ashton, You smell horrifying." SHe said and walked out. I laughed and he picked me up. 

 "AShton put  me down." I cried and wiggled. 

 "Nope, if I have to SHower, you do to." He said and put me on the counter in the bathroom. He locked the door and started to run the water. He walked over and pulled me closer to him. 

 "YOu are so hot." He said then kissed me. I kissed him back and he pushed me against the wall.

 "A little rough are we." I said as he kissed my jaw line. 

 "That's how I like it." He said. He slid his hands up my sides and pulled off my shirt. I slid his off and dropped it to the ground. I jumped down from the counter. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

 "Ashton, You have to shower." I said and dropped to the ground. I pulled down his pants and pushed him. He stumbled and caught himself before falling. 

 "Oh so now you're in charge." He smirked. "Even better." He slid his pants to the side and grabbed my belt loop. He pulled me close and took my pants away. 

 Eventually we were both naked and in the shower. 

 "You ass." I said and he smiled. 

 "I know it's hot." He laughed. 

 "No, We have no clothes and you left your bedroom door open." I said. 

 "SHit. Well, My family has seen me naked enough. I'll close the door." He said 

 "I don't even want to know. though I've seen you naked for a completely different reason." I said and he laughed. 

 "And you were very much impressed." He said 

 "Yes, I was but I have more than you do." I said and got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel tight around my body and waited for Ashton. THe water shut off and he got out. 

 "Damn." I said and he laughed. He wrapped a towel around his waist and went to close the door. I then heard a scream. 


 "You may forget, we are engaged, SHe has seen me naked." He yelled.

 "TO much info!!" SHe yelled back. I laughed and he told me I could come out. 

 "You really had to tell her that." I said 

 "YOu have." He said. 

 I shook my head and we quickly got dressed. We walked downstairs to realize that his mom left a note on the counter. 

 Dear Ashton and Shelby, 

 I'm so sorry but I had to go back  to work. I swear I never get  a break. Tomorrow I want to hang out with just Shelby. I want to get to know you. Just find something or cook for dinner. Ashton don't cook, you will burn down my house. I love you guys. God luck with him Shelby.  

 We laughed and looked at the time. 

 "Pizza?" Ashton said. 

 "You do realize, you have other people that live here." I said. 

 "They like pizza." HE said. We ordered the pizza and waited. Ashton's phone started to ring. I looked at it and saw Michael's name. 

 S- CALUM!!!!!!!!!!

 M- TINK!!!!!!!!!!

 S- I miss you 

 M- I miss you too

 S- SO when do we leave to go on tour 

 M- in two days

 S- UGH!! I'm not ready for this

 M- Sure you are, You have the amazing hottie of a husband. Speaking of him, where is he I need to talk to him. 

 S- right here

  I handed the phone to Ashton. 

 Ashton POV 

 A- Hey man

 M- Hey, thanks for cheating on me you bastard, that was supposed to be my ring 

 A- I'm sorry man but she's hotter and is awesome in bed

 M- Damn, I'll have to try her out

 A- Watch it

 M- I'm kidding I wouldn't do that to you 

 A- sure 

 M- I wouldn't but anyway we have to go sooner than expected. We leave in two days man. They are kicking off their tour early this time. 

 A- Dammit, I guess we'll leave tomorrow and pack our things then fly out

 M- Yeah that's what everyone else is doing.

 A- ALright thanks man but I have to go 

 M- WHat is she naked on the bed

 A- No, the pizza is here 

 M- Mine was better 

 A- Yeah, I wish she was though 

 M- ALright bye before you have to go do things with kids in the house. 

 A- Bye  

 I put down the phone and got up. I walked over to the door and saw Shelby with the pizza. SHe walked to the kitchen and put it down and got plates. I just watched her. SHe stared putting pizza on the plates and called my brother and sister to eat. 

 I smiled and heard them run downstairs and grabbed a plate then went to the table. 

 "What." SHe said 

 "You, you're going to be an amazing mom." I said and pulled her to me. I kissed her and heard Harry yell eww. Morgan slapped his arm and awwed. 

 SHelby laughed and pushed me away and grabbed a towel. 

 "There are kids here." SHe said and I walked closer. SHe popped me with the towel. 

 "OWW, so that's how we are gonna play." I said and grabbed a towel and hit her.

 "You little." SHe said and looked at Morgan and Harry. 

 "Kids are here." I smiled. 

 "I hate you." SHe said and I laughed. I pulled her close to me.

 "No you don't." I smirked. 

 "Fine, you win." sHe smiled and kissed me. We heard another eww, slap, and aww. 

 ***Hours later***

 It was late and everything was picked up. Shelby and I went to my room and layed down. 

 "Night baby I love you." I said but got no response. I looked at her and she was already asleep. I smiled and kissed her forehead.



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