"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


16. Chapter 16

 SHelby POV 

 I woke up and grabbed my computer. I pulled up my paper and saw that it was finished. I read over it and saved it them sent it to simon. I grabbed my phone and called Ashton.

 Ash- Hello

 S- Hey 

 Ash- What do you need

 S- just wanted to talk

 Ash- Well I'm kinda busy, so I'll call you back in just a minute.

 S- Alright bye I guess

 Ash- Alright 

 The line went dead so I called Luke.

 L- Hey love 

 S- Hey Luke do you mind coming over? Ash said he's busy. 

 L-Oh ,ummm, Sorry I uh can't I'm busy to 

 S- Okay

 I called Michael and Calum and got the same response. I got mad and threw my phone and watched the screen shatter. I then realized what I had done. I ran over and grabbed my phone and tried to turn it on but it didn't work. 

 I quickly texted  Calum off of my computer and told him that my phone was broke and that if they needed me that it was this number. I decided to go the bar. 

 I blasted music while I got ready. I ended up wearing a galaxy cocktail dress with my galaxy vans. I grabbed my purse and got a cab to the bar.

 I walked into the bar and went straight to the bar. 

 "Strongest vodka you've got please." I said and he quickly poured a shot glass. I shook my head and held up 4 fingers and he pour 3 more shots. I downed all four and pulled out my money 

 "No way,I'm not letting a pretty girl who is clearly upset pay for her drinks." He said and I smiled. 

 "Well at least you know how to treat a girl." I laughed. 

 "What did he do?" He asked 

 "I called yo just talk and he was so rude and just said he was busy and hung up. Then I called my really good friends who are in his band and they said the same thing. I got pissed so I threw my phone and it shattered and now I'm here." I explained. 

 "If any guy says he's to busy to hang out with a girl like you then he's got some serious issues." He said 

 "Thanks, Damn, I need to come here more often. four more please." I said and he poured quickly. I downed them and started to feel the buzz. I downed about 40 more shots and still wanted more. 

 "No more sorry." He said 

 "UGH!1" I yelled and laughed. 

 "THink you are drunk enough to forget what you came here for." He laughed 

 "Yes." I said 

 "You are probably the only girl that has come in here and can handle her liquor." He smiled 

 "YAY!!! I'm gonna go dance." I said and ran into the crowd. I grabbed a random guy and started dancing. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. I started grinding on him and he kissed my neck.

 " Let's go to my place?" He asked and I nodded. Before we walked out of the bar I put on some sunglasses and a beanie. We drove to some house and went to what I'm guessing was his room. 

 *****Next morning*****

 I woke up and had a horrible headache. I got up and then realized what happened last night. 

 "SHIT!!!" I whisper yelled. I grabbed my clothes and quickly put them on and called a cab. I went to the park and sat on the bench.

 I have to tell Ashton but how?? MY phone rang and I looked at it showing a text from some guy names Josh.

 Hey I had an awesome time last night ;) 

 Do I know you?? 

 Josh, the guy you fucked last night

 Oh you're the one I cheated with.

 You Cheated 

 Yeah unfortunately 

 So you have a boyfriend 



 WHat is your last name? 

 Josh Devine

 I've heard that name before 

 One direction's drummer



 Nothing I have to go 

 I put my phone in my bra and walked home. I have to tell Ashton. I walked in the door and saw him laying on the bed. 

 "Ash, Can I talk to you??" I asked 

 "Sure but I have to tell you something too." He said 

 "Ash, I umm cheated on you. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to but I was just so dru-" 

 "It's okay." He said 

 "No it's not, I cheated on you and I shouldn't have. I'm a horrible person!!" I said 

 "No really it's okay, I don't mind." He said 

 "No it's not." I yelled 

 "Look, what do I have to do to prove it's okay?" He asked

 " I don't know" I said. He shrugged and kissed me. 

 "Does that prove it?" He asked 

 "I don't know." I said 

 "Look, I'm not going to fuck you too prove that it's okay but I promise it's okay, you were drunk, I mean I've cheated on people when I was shitfaced and it meant completely nothing. I know how it is." He said

 "I love you." He said 

 "I love you too." I said 

 "Now your news." I said 

 "I'm going on tour with one direction!!" He yelled 

 "SHIT!!" I yelled 

 "What?" He asked concerned 

 "Well that's the thing, It was Josh." I said 

 "Oh." He said 


 "I can't because none of that would be true." He said " I love you, I would never say anything like that to you, I love you so much Shell, I could never hurt you like that. I love you beyond words and I never want to loose you. I can't ever let you go and I never am going to. Even if you move on and find another guy. My heart will never let you go. I need you in my life. I mean hell yeah it's fucking killing me on the inside to know it wasn't me but that's the thing. Pain demands to be felt and I love you!!!" Ashton said and quoted my favorite book 'The fault in our stars' 

 "I love you too Ashton!" I said and hugged him. 

 "Will you Marry me?" He asked. I froze and My eyes widened. He got down and pulled out a ring. The box had the fault in our stars clouds on the front with okay on it. 

 "I love you forever......... Okay?" He asked 

 "Okay." I said and kissed him. 

 "Look, I'm going to go see my mom in a few days and I want you to come with me. Not as a friend or girlfriend but as my fiance. would you be okay with that?" He asked 

 "Yes, I'd love too." I said. He kissed me and then put the ring on my left finger.

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