"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


13. Chapter 13

 Shelby POV 

 "And that's what happened." I told Michael. 

 "Why did you do it?" He asked 

 "Long story short, I needed someone and they're gone." I told him 

 "I'm just glad Calum didn't grab me." I said 

 "That's true." Ashton said 

 "Look guys, today is tuesday, you have an interview and a CD signing and a meet and greet." I said and they nodded. I texted Luke and told Michael to tell Calum. 

 **1 hour later** 

 Everyone was ready and we were headed to the interview. 

 "Now boys, they are going to ask the classic question about couples. Ashton they are going to ask about the kiss. Luke their going to ask about Abby. Michael I don't know what they have for you. Calum they are going to be asking if we broke up and speak truthfully. Tell them we broke up but they will probably ask about the kiss and then the break up." I told them and they all nodded.

 "We are going to have to do make up and wardrobe. Calum your going to need a hell of a lot of cover up. Ashton and Michael you won't need much so I'll do you guys first. Luke you don't need anything so just straight to wardrobe and they have an outfit for you to wear." I said and they nodded.  

**Skip to interview**

 "Alright boys how are you?" The interviewer said 

 "Good." They all said 

 "So Ashton, A recent picture has surfaced of you and Shelby kissing?" the interview said 

 Ashton blushed and smiled. 

 "Uhhh, Well." Ashton said 

 "Do you like her?" They asked

 "Uhhhhh." Ashton was at a loss of words. 

 "Well, everyone welcome Shelby Leigh." He called and almost everyone booed. I walked onto the stage with my head down. 

 "So Shelby what happened here?" He asked 

 "Well, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing, I didn't know it was going to happen." I said 

 "Well, I'm guessing You and Calum broke up?" He asked 

 "Yes." I said 

 "Well, do you have anything you would like to say." He asked 

 "To the fans out there that hate me, I'm sorry but things happen.You can't control who you love. If some of you guys are going through the same thing with someone you love all I can tell you is go with what your heart says. Go with the one you truly care about and love. Don't hesitate to go after who you love and if that person was the wrong one in the end then don't just give up. Just get back up and keep looking because trust me you will find who your looking for everyone does. So to all those out there who hate me then I'm sorry. I found the person I truly love and he's my best friend and I'll love him until the end even if he stops loving me one day I won't ever forget about him. So I'm sorry but I love you guys anyway and always will." I said. Towards the end I looked at Ashton and he smiled.

 "Well that was......I'm speechless." He said 

 ****Skip the rest of the interview****

 We got into the car and went to the CD signing and meet and greet. 

**Skip that too**

 We pulled up to the hotel and we all went inside. I walked into my room and grabbed my soccer ball and left. I ran to the stadium and threw my ball. I ran to the middle of the field and sat down. 

 "What do I do now dad? Help me, I don't know what to do anymore. I can't take it. Tell me what to do. Tell me how to get through this!!! I need you dad!! I need you!!! I need you and you aren't here!!! HELP ME!!!!" I screamed as I cried. I picked up my ball and threw it into the stands. 

 "What did I do to deserve this!!!!"I yelled. I heard whispering and I stopped. I heard my dads voice in my head. 

 "Don't take the anger out on yourself sweetheart, GO with your heart and you will be free.I love you." He said 

 "But I don't know what my heart wants!!!" I yelled. nothing. 

 "Dad?" I asked. nothing. 

 "I love you." I said and sat down and cried. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I jumped. I looked up and Ashton was smiling. 

 "I think you need this." He said and held out my ball. I took it and threw it into the stands.

 "I don't need that." I said. I grinned and grabbed his arm. "Come on." I said and ran out. I ran down to a gym that was down the road.

 "I know the owner and the manager." I told Ashton. I walked in and went to the counter. 

 "Hi welcome to punch it out, how my I help you?" They asked 

 "Is Joe and Morgan here today?" I asked 

 "Yes, who would you like?" they asked 

 "Joe please." I said 

 Joe came around the corner and I ran to him. I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. 

 "Hey Shelby, how have you been." He laughed 

 "Okay." I said. Ashton came up behind me. 

 "Hi, I'm-" He was cut off.

 "OMG IT"S ASHTON IRWIN." A girl screamed 

 "Ashton irwin." He said and shook Joe's hand.

 "DADDY IT"S ASHTON IRWIN!!!!" I little girl came up behind Joe. 

 "Yes it is and what is so big about Ashton?" He asked 

 "DAD, He's in 5sauce, you know the people I sat in my room for an hour watching a live stream." She said in a duh tone. Ashton laughed.

 "Oh that's him." He laughed 

 "I'm sorry about that." Ashton said 

 "It's alright, She worships you and your other band mates." Joe said.

 "Hi, I'm Ashley Batten and I'm 13." She said 

 "Hi, I'm-"He was cut off again

 "Ashton Irwin, 19 20 tomorrow" Ashley said

Ashton laughed and hugged Ashley. She looked like she was going to faint. Ashley took a pictures and sent it to her friend. Well, I can tell they are going to be fangirling. 

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