"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


11. Chapter 11

 Shelby POV 

 Today was going to be amazing. We have nothing today so I'm planning on spending all of my time with Calum. I rolled out of my bed and walked over to Abby's. Abby decided to stay in my room tonight and ashton went to Michael's. I grabbed one of my pillows and smacked her head with it. 

 "WHAT!!!!!" She yelled as she sat up 

 "Come on we need to get dressed because we have things to do for mikey and Ash before they get up." I told her and she nodded. I sat down on her bed and handed her her phone and I grabbed mine. 

 We decided to get mikey and Ash some girlfriends. I called my old friend Clover and Abby is calling Rosaline. They recently moved here and don't know many people so we decided to set up some dates.

 Clover faline (Ashton's girl 18)

Rosaline odessa (Michael's girl 17)

Abby Moore (Luke's girl 17)


 I put my phone away and began to search for a cute outfit. I pulled out 3 different shits and 5 different jeans and high waisted shorts. I turned to Abby for help and she shrugged. I shrugged to and went into the bathroom. I decided to curl my hair and put some light make up on. 

 After many minutes of examining outfits I finally decided to wear this...........


I picked up my phone and walked down to Ashton and Michael's room. I pounded on the door and Ashton slung the door open. I pushed past him and into the room. I slapped my hand over my eyes at the sight of a naked Michael laying in his bed. 

 "Could you please cover yourself." I snapped. 

 "You can look not." Ashton laughed. I slowly uncovered my eyes and turned to Ashton. 

 "Okay so where are your suitcases?" I asked 

 "Well, Mine is in our room and Mikey's over there." He said and point to the counter of the bathroom. I walked over and pulled out some cool clothes and threw them at Michael. 

 "You might want to hurry and get dressed, oh and wash up  you have a date in about and hour so go and Ashton come with me." I Commanded. Michael shot out of his bed and ran the bathroom and I grabbed Ashton's hand and ran to my room. 

 I pulled out some of his clothes and told him the same thing and He ran to the bathroom. 

 ***1 hour later***

 I grabbed Michael and Ashton's hands and shoved them into two different cabs. I told the driver the address after making sure they had money on them. I texted them both the plans for the dates and they both agreed. Now time to go get Calum.

 I looked at the clock and was amazed that it was 9:00 am. Right before I knocked on the door it opened.

 "Oh Hey Tink." Luke laughed 

 "Hey Lukie, Is Calum awake?" I asked 

 "Nah Is Abby??" He asked 

 "Nah she fell asleep again after I woke her up. Here's my room key to get into my room though." I said and handed him my key. "Oh and I'm going to get Calum." I said and walked into the room. 

 I laughed when I caught sight of Calum stretched out across the bed. 

 "Babe??" I whispered while placing my hand on his bare back. Nothing. 

 "Cal, Get up." I whispered again. nothing. I laughed and thought of something. 

 "CALUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled and slapped hid butt. He popped his head out of the pillows and laughed. 

 "Hey babe." He said in his morning voice. I smiled. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto the bed. 

 "Cal." I laughed 

 "What?" He asked

 "I wanted to go out today or at least to go get some breakfast." I begged

 "Alright, I have to get dressed though." He said 

 "Okay I'll wait." I said and covered up in his blankets. 

 "Your waiting in here, I'm going to be naked we haven't really went that far." He said 

 "No stupid I'm hiding under the covers and waiting, if you would get off of them." I laughed 

 "OH Okay." He laughed and got up and went to his suitcase. I ducked my head under the blankets and waited. 

 *****Later *****

 We sat down at the cafe after ordering out drinks and food. 

 "So Cal, How do you like my new designs, Do you think they need any improvements and take this professional." I said 

 "Well, I think they are really great but why don't you make some clothes for the one direction boys?" he asked 

 "Well, I don't really know they said they were providing clothes for them. I'm not sure If I'm able to." I stated 

 "OMG Hi Shelby remember me?" I heard someone squeal. I looked at the end of the table and saw my old friend Lauren. 

 "Oh my god, Hey lauren." I said. I looked over at Calum and gave him and 'I'm sorry' face but her shrugged symbolizing her didn't mind.

 "How are you, I haven't seen you in like 2 years." She said 

 "I'm fine how are you?" I asked 

 "I'm fine, tell me that is not your boyfriend." She gasped 

 "Umm, yes it is. Lauren meet C-" I was cut off 

 "I know who he is, Hi Calum I'm Lauren mathen." She said 

 "Hi."He waved 

 "Shelby?" I heard a little girl say. I looked and saw Darcy and Megan. 

 "Hey girls." I smiled and hugged them. 

 "Are these you guys'  kids?" Lauren asked and Mine and Calum's eyes widened. 

 "No these are some very sweet fans I met a while back." I said and let the girls sit. 

 "So where is your mom again?" I asked 

 "Oh she is sitting at a table over there, she told us we could come say Hi." Darcy explained 

 "Well, Girls and Guy I have to head out, but Shelby text me it's the same number."Lauren said and walked away. 

 I turned  to Calum and quickly apologized.

 "I'm so sorry, I don't really like her, But anyway these are some girls that I meet while I was on a run and they wanted to met you guys." I said and looked at Calum. 

 "Yeah sure, Hi girls I'm Calum hood and you are?" He asked 

 "I'm Darcy and that's megan" 

Darcy (left) Megan (right)

 ****After the girls met 5sos****

 The girls left a few hours ago. It's 7 pm now and everyone is tired. Mikey and Ashton's date went really well. We all soon fell asleep.

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