"Forget what you thought cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." She whispered as she looked into my eyes.
"You're the reason,the only reason." I whispered back.


10. Chapter 10

 Calum POV 

 "Babeeeee." I heard Shelby whine.  

 "What?" I grumbled as I rolled over. 

 "You have a day off." She said. I laughed and sat up looking around the room. 

 "So I'm guessing Michael slept in your room last night?" I asked 

 "Yeah." SHe answered and got up. I noticed she was in nothing but her bra and underwear.

 "Did we Umm have... you know?" I stuttered. She laughed. 

 "No Mr. Hood, It was hot in here last night." She stuck her tongue out.

 "Well, you might want to get back under the blankets Cause here comes Ashton." I said as I noticed him walking down the hall. She screamed and ran back to the bed. Ashton walked in. 

 "Hey guys." He said 

 "Hi, may I help you?" I said ]

 "OH, You were busy huh." He said as he looked at Shelby's clothes on the floor. Her faced turned red. 

 "No, It was hot in here last night Ash." She snapped 

 "Sureeeee." He said "Anyway, Me, Abby and they guys are going to get breakfast if you want to come." He said 

 "Nah, I'm not hungry." Shelby said 

 "Me either bro." I said 

 "Alright bye love birds." He smirked and closed the door. Shelby sighed and stood up. 

 "Can I borrow some of your clothes I need o get to my room." She asked. I nodded and pointed to my bag. She walked over and opened it. I layed back down and put my face into the pillow. 

"Umm, Cal." She called. 

 "MMMMM." I groaned into the pillow. 

 "Why do you have these in your bag?" She questioned 

 I turned around and turned red at the sight of a red bra in her hand. 

 "Ummm." I was at a lose of words. 

 "Funny huh? This is mine Calum, What the hell?" She laughed. 

 "OH MY GOD!! How the hell do I have one of your bras??? We never did anything!!!" I Laughed 

 She began to laugh. After about 5 minutes of laughing She grabbed a shirt and some sweats and put them on.


Shelby's POV 

 I quickly walked into my room and Changed into my favorite yellow tank top and my navy blue and white shorts. I folded Calum's clothes and put them in my bag. I quickly did my make up and threw my hair up into a ponytail. I grabbed my phone and walked out the door. 

 I walked to the front doors of the lobby and set a timer on my phone for 40 minutes. I walked outside and began to run down the street. 

 **10 minutes later**  

 I ran past a coffee shop, an art store, a super market, and a pet shop. I turned the corner and got half way down the sidewalk. I was stopped by some girls that looked about 9 and 10. I looked them over and saw one that had blonde hair that went down to her butt and blue eyes. The other one had Brown hair down to her but and green eyes. 

 "Hi, Are you Shelby Leigh??" The blonde asked. 

 "Yes, I am." I smiled 

 "Hi, We are Megan and Darcy." The brunette squealed and pointed to each other.

 "Hello, How are you girls." I asked 

 "Amazing!!" Megan said 

 "Great." I smiled 

 "Can we have your autograph." Darcy asked holding out a pad and a pin. Megan did the same.

 "Why would you want my autograph I'm just the hair dresser." I laughed 

 "No, Your Calum's girls friend and an amazing hair dresser and your really pretty." Megan argued. 

 "Awww, Thank you." I laughed and signed both of their books.

 "MEGAN, DARCY!!" I heard someone yell. Soon after a lady walked around the corner. She had blonde hair and green eyes and looked about 5 foot. 

 "There you girls are!!" She sighed in relief. I smiled. 

 "I am so sorry if they were bothering you." She apologized.

 "Oh no, they are really sweet and adorable." I laughed 

 "Hi, I'm Macy." She laughed 

 "Hi, I'm Shelby Leigh." I laughed

 "Ohh, Your the girl that my girls screamed over for hours." She said 

 "I am so sorry." I said 

 "No problem, they really love you." She smiled 

 "Thank you. Here's my number. I could set them up with meeting the boys sometime if you wouldn't mind." I said and quickly wrote my number on a piece of paper and handed it to her. 

 "That would be amazing." She smiled

 "No problem, By the way megan looks so much like Niall and Darcy looks like Harry." I said and the girls screamed.

 "Calm down girls." She laughed "Anyway, I should let you get back to your business." She said 

 "Thank you girls." I said and continued my running. I got stopped by more and more fans along the way. Taking pictures and signing autographs.

**After her run**

 I walked up to my hotel room and set my things down. My phone began to ring and I quickly grabbed it and reading the light screen. Calum. It read. 

C-Calum S-Shelby 

 S- Hello 

 C- Hey tink, We have a meeting today and you have to be there so get ready fast. 

 S- Alright bye babe

 C- bye 

 The line went dead and I threw my phone the the bed. I grabbed my favorite crop top that was white and had LOVE written across in pink and silver zebra print and grabbed some high waisted pink shorts. 

 I quickly hopped into the shower and washed my hair and shaved. I hopped out of the shower and dried and got dressed. I quickly blow dried my hair and curled it. I did my make up and walked to my bed and grabbed my phone. 

 I walked over to my bag and looked for some shoes. I sighed when I realized I had no shoes to wear. I pulled out my phone and called Abby. 

 "Hello??" She asked 

 "Hey, Could I borrow you pink heels?" I asked 

 "Yeah sure, Come get them I'm doing my hair." She said 

 "Alright, I'm on my way." I said and hung up the phone. I shoved my phone in my pocket and left my room. I walked down the hall and into Her room. 

 "Hey babe." I yelled 

 "Hey boo." She yelled back. I picked up the shoes and put them on. I walked into the bathroom and saw her curling her hair. She had the same outfit on as me but hers was blue. 

 "OH MY GOD!!" I yelled. She jumped and dropped the curler. 

 "Sorry." I giggled "We match but your blue." I laughed. She looked at me and laughed. 

 "Twins!!!!!" She yelled and picked up the curler. I snatched it out of her hand and started curling her hair. I finished and unplugged the curler. 

 We walked out of the bathroom and into her room. She grabbed her shoes and her phone and we left. I walked to Calum's room and knocked on the door as she left to find Luke. Micheal swung the door open and looked at me. 

 "Hey Mikey!!" I yelled and hugged him. He hugged back and stepped aside and I walked in. I plopped down on his bed and he laughed. 

 "Where's Cal Pal!" I laughed.  

 "He went with Luke to get food before the interview." He said and sat down at the end of his bed. He grabbed my shoes and held them above his head. 


 "Never." He laughed 

 "They aren't mine they are Abby's" I yelled. 

 "Fine." He said and handed them back to me.

 "Mikey come with me." I said and walked to the door. 

 "Where??" He asked and grabbed his phone. 

 "My room It smells in here." I said and we walked out the door.

 We walked into my room and he plopped onto my bed. I put the heels up and grabbed my black and white converses. I got a text from Luke and quickly answered back. 

 L- Heyyyy We are here hurry we are gonna be late!!! 

 S- I'm coming!!


 S-bye Luke 

 "Come one we are gonna be late." I said to Michael ad we ran to the lobby. We met everyone there and we left to the interview. 

 We all got in and I pulled out my phone. 

 "SELFIE!!!!!" I yelled and everyone got in the camera. I quickly snapped the picture and posted it on twitter and instagram. 

 ***Skip car ride***

 We all walked in and I quickly went to the dressing room and did the boys make up. They got rushed out onto the stage and Abby and I stood at the end and watched. 

 "We are here today with 5 second os summer" The interviewer yelled and the crowd went crazy as the boys sat down. 

 "So boys, I hear you have a new stylist/ assistant." He said again 

 "Yeah Her name is Shelby Leigh." Micheal said 

 "And She has an assistant right." He asked 

 "Yes her name is Abby Moore." Luke said 

 "Is she here and could we bring them out??" He asked. They all yelled yes and we were brought on stage. I walked over and sat on Calum's lap and Abby sat on Luke's.

 "So, Shelby Leigh and Abby, How is it to work with these boys." He asked 

 "Well, I wouldn't complicated or annoying It's more like working at a daycare. Your working but your also having fun working with the kids and these boys can get very childish." Abby said 

 Everyone laughed and the boys faked to be hurt. 

 "What about you Shelby Leigh." He asked 

 "You can call me tinker bell or tink everyone else calls me that." I laughed 

 "ALright so what about you tink." He laughed 

 "I would agree with Abby, it is like working at a day care but it's really fun. It isn't all serious and it isn't all fun but it is like the perfect mix of work and play. It's amazing and I'm very glad I got the offer to work with the next biggest boy band after one direction of course." I laughed 

 "I hear your working with them as well, I mean as their stylist." He asked

 "Yes, They are really funny actually and they are amazing guys. Although Niall and I had a few problems in the beginning He's a pretty cool guy." I said 

 "Great, So boys, the classic question, Who is taken?" He asked. Michael and Ashton shot their hands up.

 "OOO, Calum and Luke Who are the special girls." He asked, Abby and I had sat beside them before he asked. 

 "Shelby Leigh." Calum said and intertwined our hands. 

 "Abby." Luke said and grabbed her hand as well. 

 "OOO." He laughed 

 "Fan question time!!" He yelled and grabbed some cards. 

 "Would you ever date a fan??" He asked 

 "Yeah if they were really chill and cool sure." Luke said and they all agreed.

 **Skip the rest of the interview**

 We quickly got back to the hotel. I ran up to my room and quickly fell asleep and everyone else did as well.

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