Fallen Angels

Anna Underwood is trying to find her place in the world and runs into some celebs. But along the way there will be romance and drama, things she would had never expected. What will she do now?


1. Fallen Angels

Anna's POV

"Why does everything have to end with lying or cheating?" I asked my best friend Cassie while shoving another chocolate heart into my mouth and then blowing my nose. All of my relationships had been duds, whether it ended with cheating, lying, and/or the spark faded until it didn't exist, and I was usually always the one to be left broken-hearted. And it SUCKED!! Why couldn't things be perfect like they are in movies because I was tired of looking for someone who makes me happy and I don't have to share too much about my past.

"I don't know. Why don't we put away the chocolate so you don't become fat because with all of your break-ups are making the chocolate businesses rich. How about we get you ready and we start with making your talent publish to the world. And I know you LOVE your talent but you don't wanna get out of bed and STOP EATING THAT CHOCOLATE!!!" Cassie replied.

"Ok then, you take the chocolate and I'll get out of bed. I'll meet you in the studio. How does that sound?" I said as I was shoving another piece of chocolate into my mouth and taking another for the trip to the studio. When Cassie took the box of chocolate I felt relieved because I knew I wouldn't be tempted to eat all of it.

What Cassie and I consider the studio isn't really the high tech music studio you see in the movies. It's the downstairs office with a desk and a stand up mic and some other things. It wasn't much but it was enough for me.

Ten minuites passes and I know Cassie is probably already in the studio waiting for me. So I walked down the hall and then down the stairs. I reach for the door-knob, when my hand was firmly on the door-knob I stopped dead in my tracks. I am worrying about what if the people who might come across my talent don't like it. But then I realize that if Cassie was in my head she would tell me that I'm just over thinking things and I shouldn't worry. So then I decided that if I didn't do this I would live to regret it. I turned the knob and the door swings open.


I'm going to post another chapter ASAP!!

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