Remember that color used to describe sadness or remorse? That color they call 'Blue' is more than you can ever give it credit for. Take time and imagine what the world would be like with Blue absent. What color could ever fill it's shoes? Yellow? Green? Red?

The truth is no color could ever replace Blue. The color is too valuable for that. Imagine the sky filled with grey clouds everyday for the rest of your life. How would you feel? How do you think Blue feels about being the color to represent sadness? Horrible.

This is BLUE's story.... The truth of the color.


4. A Blue Love Story

A Blue Love Story

A betrothal to a prince never seemed too bad, that is till I met you. Oh you make me happy, oh you make me blue. Whatever am I to do?

I sit silently in my carriage

Pondering over marriage

Is the one I love you?

Or is it the lord of Blue?

Hearts break all the time

We match like a rhyme

Is my heart made of steel?

I am the future queen that's the deal

I must figure out how I feel

Before it all turns blue

And I am hung up over you

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