5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines!

Just another imagine book.....Im kind of bored so if you want an imagine check out chapter 1! :) Make sure to request in the comments
and sorry if they kind of suck...
I don't do very dirty ones so slightly dirty but not, ya know...

COVER: got pictures online, and put in paint. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ON THE COVER!


1. What is needed:

What is needed:


Name of boy you want:

Description of yourself:

Slightly dirty or not:

Relationship: (EX: Friends to dating, friends, dating)

setting: (EX: Beach, movies, pool)

What you want to happen: (Optional)

anything else:

if they are short or kind of suck, im sorry im not the best at imagines, but i do like writing them sooo yeah. also if i get tones then it may be awhile before i update, im also quite busy so do please be patient.. thanks! :)

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