5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines!

Just another imagine book.....Im kind of bored so if you want an imagine check out chapter 1! :) Make sure to request in the comments
and sorry if they kind of suck...
I don't do very dirty ones so slightly dirty but not, ya know...

COVER: got pictures online, and put in paint. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ON THE COVER!


3. Slightly dirty with Ashton for aqua711

It has been 2 weeks since you and your boyfriend Ashton broke up. You found out he had kissed another girl, who wasnt you. You miss him and want him back, but your friends keep telling you hes not worth it. You were at your local coffee (standing in line) when someone tapped your shoulder. You turned around and saw Ashton. he smiled when he seen you.
"The kiss it was a dare" He said breaking the silince
"Good, because I missed you, but please dont ever do it agian" You said to him
"Oh dont worry I had to clean my mouth for several hours after kissing her, plus she kisses like a frog, nothing like you kiss Melanie" Ashton said leaning in
you doged his kiss and grabbed your drink. Smirking, you want to tease him.
You walked out the door into the cool afternoon. Ashton followed carring his drink as well.
"So what do you want to do today?" Ashton asked
"Hmm, how about we go watch a movie at my house?" you said, he nodded and you walked back to your house holding hands. You decided to watch a funny movie. Halfway through the movie Ashton wrapped his arm around you. You turned and kissed him passionatley. He started kissing all the way down your neck making you moan and groan.
"Oh, you missed this" Ashton chuckled
You blushed and then you rememberd, you were the one to tease him.
you played with some of his curls and kissed him passionatley.
"Damn Melanie!" Ashton groaned
"Yeah?" you asked batting your eye lashes trying to look innocent
He groaned and you poked one of his dimples

Author's note:
Sorry if its too long/short or if it sucks... also sorry if its too dirty or not dirty enough (trying to keep it rated at Yellow lol) Oh and sorry if there are any miss spellings. :P

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