My true love

It's about a girl and her idol, Justin bieber. They fall in love with
Each other but will their relationship work?


1. Day 1

It was the first day in July, I was on the beach when I suddenly saw a sweet boy, he wore sunglasses and had to pay for the ice cream he had bought, when he lost his wallet, I hurried going to pick it up and give it to him. He was even better closer to. When he had paid and I had given him his wallet, he took of his sunglasses and said thank you. The first thought I had when he took of the sunglasses was that he had the most beautiful brown eyes, but there was something different about him that seemed familiar. I shook his hand and told my name was Mia, he smiled at me, the most lovely, wonderful smile I had ever seen, I smiled back. But then he told me his name was Justin. Justin Bieber. I got a sudden butterflies in my stomach and wanted to yell and scream like crazy loud because there was my idol, right in front of me, it was the boy who had changed my life just by smiling, I took a deep breathe and said that I was a huge Belieber and that he was the best idol ever. When we had talked for a little over 20 minutes. he asked after my number, I was so happy but took it quietly so as not to seem daunting. On the evening of the day wrote justin, he asked me out on a date, I wrote yes, he would pick me up at. 20:00. I started to get ready at 19:00 so I could make myself nice, I took makeup on but not much, i prefer to have a natural look. When Justin came he didn't brought me in a car or something, we walked to the resturant, it was the best walk. When we came to the resturant we ate food and talked, learned to know each other, it was so cozy. The walk home was even better than the one before, he held my hand. When he had followed me home, we said goodnight, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, a real gentleman!

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