Phyllis has been sent away to boarding school by her father. It's only because her stepmother convinced him to. When she get there, she finds that life is pretty amazing during the day time. Fun classes, cool teachers, very different rules. She finds herself not wanting to ever return home. At night time though, she discovers one of the most underground clubs ever. It's almost inhumane. At first it seemed very weird and unsure, but then Phyllis adjusts quickly and becomes one of the most popular members. Of course not everything is perfect. There has to be a little trouble. But who's causing the trouble?


2. Touchdown in Palm Springs

"Hello Palm Springs," Phyllis said as stepped off the plane. It was bright outside. Not too much different from home. It was really hot though. About 99° F to be exact. She stripped out of her hoodie and settled for her tank top underneath. The flight was about 5 hours, so she had arrived at about 1:00 p.m. ... her time. It was only 10:00 a.m. in California. She wondered if she could adjust easily to the time change.

Phyllis quickly went to go and search for her luggage. She waited along with several other people  in the baggage-claims area while watching the luggage slowly move along the the moving belt. After about another five minutes, Phyllis began to grown impatient. "This is taking forever," she had said out loud, throwing her head back and huffing in frustration. 

"No kidding," a male voice chimed in. Phyllis didn't think that anyone had heard her. Apparently someone did though. She looked around, only to come across the most gorgeous guy ever. She looked him up and down and memorized everything about him. He stood tall and straight up. He had short dirt blonde hair that was in an undercut style, which Phyllis always thought was cute on guys. His eyes were the purest shade of hazel she had ever seen. They were so beautiful. His nose was greek, perfect for his face shape. He had a very attractive chiseled jaw line and his mouth formed a small smirk. "Kolby." He stuck his hand out for Phyllis to shake.

"Uh.." Phyllis was trying to gather her thoughts. "Phyllis. Sorry. My mind disappeared for a moment." She shook his hand. 

"Phyllis. I like it. It's different," He said seemingly thinking about as he spoke. "Something I can easily remember."

"Thanks. No one's ever said that before."

"Well more people should."

Phyllis blushed. "Um, thanks? Again." She lightly chuckled. "So what are you in Florida for?"

"I partied too hard. Parents decided to teach me a lesson. Sent me away. You?"

"Stepmom hates me. Talked my father into sending me away."

"Boarding school?"

"Yep. Kingsley Academy?"

"Right you are my friend," he said snapping.

"Cool. At least I will have already met someone there." Just as she 'd said that, her bags had come around. "Oh yay. Finally!" 

"Cool. Your bags are here. Mine aren't yet."

"Oh. Um well, do you want me to wait here with you?"

"No. No it's cool. You should go ahead and get settled in. I'll see you there."

"Okay. See you there." Phyllis grabbed her bags and headed outside to catch a cab. She got in and the driver put her luggage in the trunk of the car. 

Once he was in the driver's seat, he adjusted his mirror si that he could see her. "Where to?"

"Um. Kingsley Academy. You need the address?"

"Nah. You're not the first kid I've taken there." He put his car in drive and headed there. "So what are going for? Was it your choice? Or were you sent there or..? If you don't mind me asking. It's just that a lot of kids go there and each one has a different story."

"No. It's cool. I understand. To answer your question, I was sent away. Mom died some years ago. Dad got remarried. Stepmom hates me. Convinced him to send me here. I kinda don't mind though. I was kind of miserable at home."

"Harsh. Well from what I've heard, this school is actually pretty damn cool. When the kids go home for break, and I bring them back, they tell me of how they're happy to be back and almost wish they never left. Makes me wish I went there. I heard they even have a program for kids after high school. Separate location but just as cool. Maybe if you like this place you can check their college out."

"Hmm." Phyllis took all of this information in and wondered what kind school this place really was. 

"Well. Here we are." The cab driver drove down a nicely paved road that was surrounded by nice green land everywhere, along with tall trees and beautiful landscaping. The path lead up to this beautiful beautiful building. It was obviously old, but nicely restored on the outside. It looked like a castle. Phyllis gazed at the site before her. She had never seen anything like it. The school was beautiful. And this was just on the outside. She really couldn't wait to see what was on the inside. The cab driver slowed down and eventually came to a stop right outside of a grand staircase. "This is where you continue without me kiddo." He looked in the mirror to see her sitting there gazing.

"That's a lot of school."

"Yeah I know. I've never seen the inside. It's up to you to go and see it for me." He got out and popped the trunk to retrieve her belongings.

Phyllis slowly got out of the car, still staring at the building in awe. "Um. Thanks."

"Sure thing. Have fun kid." He gave her a reassuring smile before climbing back into the cab and driving off. 

Phyllis still stood there. She was curious about so many things, but her feet wouldn't allow her to move to go inside. Luckily for her someone came outside. It was a woman dressed in a skirt suit. She appeared to very young. Probably no more than 19. Her blonde hair was in a perfect bun, her makeup was flawless all the way down to the bright red lipstick that not many people can pull off. The clacking of her pumps let you know that she was walking swiftly down the grand staircase at the front of the school.

"Well, you must be Phyllis! Welcome to to Kingsley! I'm Zora, I'll be your mentor, your best friend, your big sister, your way around, anything you need." She stepped up to Phyllis with a hand held out and a  smile so bright you'd go blind. 

"Hi Zora." Phyllis shook her hand. "I'm Phyllis.. Well you already knew that.. But I'm Phyllis anyway." Zora laughed.

"Well Phyllis. If you would follow me inside, we can get you situated."

"Okay." Phyllis goes to grab her bags.

"Oh no. Leave those here!" Zora said quickly stopping her. Those will be taken up to your room for you. They'll be in there when you get there. Please, come."

They climbed the stairs together and Phyllis took a deep breath wondering what lies behind the doors she was about to enter. As they stepped inside, Phyllis tried her best to take in everything before. The inside was nothing like she expected. I mean sure they was a grand staircase and high ceilings, but it didn't look the way the outside led you to believe. It was completely modern and relaxed. Everyone was in casual clothing, no uniforms. There was a lot of natural lighting and the floor was marble. It wasn't scarily quiet and people seemed to be relaxed in the environment.

"Wow..." Phyllis was at a loss for words.

"I know. Nothing like you expected right?"

"Nothing at all. This place is... incredible. I've never seen anything like it."

"Glad you feel that way." Zora quietly chuckled at Phyllis' reaction. Let's get started with your tour."


Zora took Phyllis around the school. She showed her the cafeteria, which was big enough for a couple thousand kids and had all types of food served fresh daily. At certain times of the day, the food is made to order. There were vending machines everywhere too with snacks and drinks. Then they toured the school buildings. There was a hall for everything. An art hall which was for music, painting, photography, drawing, dance, and every other type of art. There's a science hall with a chemistry lab, a food science lab, a forensic science department, aquatic science. There's even a hall for just basic learning. You know, math, science, english, and social studies. They then took a stroll through the courtyard. Looked like they had almost every sport. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, frisbee, some other stuff that Phyllis figured she'd never learn how to play. One thing did catch her eye though. It was the archery area. Phyllis stopped and watched for a while. 

"I see you seem to take a liking to archery." Phyllis nodded in response not taking her eyes off of the archers. "Maybe you should consider taking it up as a hobby."

Throughout the rest of the tour, they saw the gigantic library, the movie theatre, bowling arena, performance hall, and the buildings where the rooms were. 

"And that concludes our tour. Any questions?" Zora asked as they walked back toward the main entrance.

"Uh yeah! When can I start officially living here?"

"Today." Zora said laughing. Come into my office to sign some paperwork and get a few things you'll need. Phyllis followed her into the office. 

Zora sat behind her desk and Phyllis sat in one of the two chairs in front of it.

"So what do I need to sign so I can run around like a maniac?" Phyllis asked laughing. 

"Well these are the papers that just state that you are officially enrolled and that you have arrived." Zora pulled out a package. "Sign here stating that you are on campus." She gave Phyllis a pen to sign the paper work. "And.. sign here," Zora flipped the page. "to receive you schedule. Sign here to state that you are aware that you may only leave campus on weekends and that an advisor must be given notice of your where abouts and must be able to have contact with you at all times while you're off campus." 

"Fair enough."

"Okay. That's just about it. Now here's your ID badge. Must be carried on your person when you are attending classes or when you are buying lunch. Here is a list of textbooks you need to go and check out from the library. Here is a set of keys for your room. I suggest you keep one on you and put the spare someone in case the first one is lost. Your roommate will also have a key. Speaking of they should be arriving soon. Your roommate is new here too. If I were you, I'd go now so you pick which bed you want."

"Yay! So I'm all set?"Yep. If you have any other questions later on, there's an advisor on every hall. Or you can come and find me."

"Thank you Zora! Bye!" Phyllis quickly got up and went to go and find her room, not even giving Zora enough time to say goodbye. 

Zora just shook her head and smiled.


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