Phyllis has been sent away to boarding school by her father. It's only because her stepmother convinced him to. When she get there, she finds that life is pretty amazing during the day time. Fun classes, cool teachers, very different rules. She finds herself not wanting to ever return home. At night time though, she discovers one of the most underground clubs ever. It's almost inhumane. At first it seemed very weird and unsure, but then Phyllis adjusts quickly and becomes one of the most popular members. Of course not everything is perfect. There has to be a little trouble. But who's causing the trouble?


1. Prologue

"You're sending me away? But why?" Phyllis questioned. "What have I done that makes you want to send me away? I know I do bad things. But, it's never been something that I couldn't get myself out of."

"Phyllis, I know you know how to get yourself out of trouble, but that's the problem. You get into so much trouble, that you've learned how to get yourself out," her father Lawrence responded. "Sara thought it would be a good idea to se-"

"Wait. Hold up. Pause and rewind. Sara? Did you really say Sara? So you let your wife. the woman that doesn't even really like me, my stepbitch, talk you into sending me away? You have really lost your fucking nuts haven't you?" Phyllis was beyond angry. She and her stepmother had never really gotten along. So when Lawrence mention that it was Sara's idea, She instantly knew that it was to get rid of her.

"Watch your damn mouth! That's exactly why you're going away to boarding school. I've let you get away with a lot ever since your mother died. Now I have no control over you."

"You leave my mother out of this Lawrence! You know what? I'm happy you're sending me away. I hate it here! I hate this house that you bought because Sara wanted it. I hate this fucking city that we moved to because Sarah wanted it. I hate the fucking school that I'm attending because Sara wanted you to put me in private school. I fucking hate Sara! And I ha-"

"Phyllis, that's enough! Now go pack your things."

"And I hate you!"

There was total silence. Phyllis and her father stood across the room from each other face to face. Lawrence was in complete silence out of shock. his daughter had never said she hated him. Never. he couldn't understand what he had done so wrong. Phyllis on the other hand was standing there, eyes bloodshot from the anger pumping through her veins. Her chest was heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath from all of the yelling. 

"Phyllis.. I-"

"No! Have you ever considered the fact that, everything you've done since you've met Sara, was for Sara or because "Sarah thought it would be best." Sara hates me, but you're so fucking in love that you cant even take the time to see. You have twenty twenty vision, yet you're blind as a bat. Nothing you do is for me anymore. It's. All. For. Sara, dad. I can't take it anymore. Maybe this one idea she has about me going to boarding school, is the only good one. I need a break from this household."

"But. Phyllis, I-"

"I'm going to go pack. I'll see you in the morning before I catch my plane. And that's if you're up early enough. Sara might think it's a good idea for you to sleep in." And with that Phyllis climbed the stairs to her room and began to pack.  She honestly couldn't believe that her father was sending her away. But now, she wants to leave. 

Once inside of her room, Phyllis closed and locked her door. She walked over to her chest drawer where her docking station was sitting, hooked up phone, and pressed play. The first song to play was Ain't It Fun by Paramore. She turned the music up and began to pack. Going into her closet, she dug out two big suit cases and a duffel bag. She opened them and laid them out on her bed and began searching for things to pack. At the foot of her bed, there was a chest. She went to open it and dug all the way down at the bottom. She fished out a picture frame and a small jewelry box. The picture frame contained a photo of her mother and herself about six years ago. They were on a swing set on the park, both swinging as high as possible, laughing and just having a good time. That was the first thing she put in her suitcase. She then opened the jewelry box she pulled out along with the frame. Inside was a locket.Engraved on the front was her mother's name. Phallon. She closed the box back and placed it in the suitcase along side the frame. 

Phyllis spent all night long packing her bags, thankfully undisturbed by her father or Sara. The more time that had passed as she packed her bag, the more she wanted to leave. Living with her father used to be fun. 

Two years after her mother had passed, he had met Sara and things had changed. Sara would do little things to Phyllis that she didn't like her. Things her father didn't realize. She never wanted Phyllis to go anywhere with them. She'd always suggest that Phyllis stay home because she would cause trouble or that bringing her somewhere would just cost extra. She also give left handed complements. Things like, "oh you're smarter than you look kid" or "maybe you should try some makeup". At times they'd get worse than that. Those are just things Sara wasn't afraid to say in front of Lawrence. 

When he was away, the game changed completely. Sara would some times tell Phyllis that soon she would be out of the picture, or that eventually her father would one day love his wife more than his stupid kid. She have a list of things for Phyllis to do all day, and when she rebelled against Sara, She'd find ways to get Lawrence upset with Phyllis. Of course they'd argue, Sara would make herself look like the victim. What made it worse is that Lawrence always took Sara's side. Not anymore. Sara  may think that she's getting what she wants by getting Phyllis sent off to boarding school. But it's Phyllis who's getting the better deal. 

The next morning, Phyllis' alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. so that she could get to the airport by 5:00. She quickly changed into jeans, put her blue hoodie on, laced up her converse and headed out the door. Her father wasn't away, and frankly, she didn't want to wake him. She just wanted to get the airport. She caught a bus that took her to the airport and was there in twenty minutes, and she quickly checked her luggage in. 

"Goodbye Seminole, Florida." 

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