Phyllis has been sent away to boarding school by her father. It's only because her stepmother convinced him to. When she get there, she finds that life is pretty amazing during the day time. Fun classes, cool teachers, very different rules. She finds herself not wanting to ever return home. At night time though, she discovers one of the most underground clubs ever. It's almost inhumane. At first it seemed very weird and unsure, but then Phyllis adjusts quickly and becomes one of the most popular members. Of course not everything is perfect. There has to be a little trouble. But who's causing the trouble?


5. Prepare To Party Hardy

The next day had gone by pretty fast. Phyllis didn’t really have a lot of work to do since she was new to the school. She pretty much spent the whole day just getting to know some of her teachers. It was Wednesday, and according to her schedule, on Wednesday she was only required to attend three classes. Those classes were statistics, physics, and art. She did notice how young the teachers and staff of the school seemed to appear, which she thought was weird but she never questioned it. She was perfectly fine with it as a matter of fact. Maybe with them being so young in age, they’d understand the students more.

After Phyllis’ last class she headed up to her room to put her books up and go out for lunch. She decided that she would eat a nachos from the cafeteria along with a can of tea. While eating she began to think about what could possibly be on at this school tonight that her new neighbors were secretive about. A party is just a party right? She’d had gone to a number of them. What’s so special about this party? She didn’t know, but she definitely couldn’t wait to find out. She finished up her food and went to go sit in the archery field for an hour or so since she had so few classes today.

Phyllis slowly strolled up to the archery field. She sat on a set of stairs that led down to where the archers were. She seemed to be amazed at the fact that they’d even have this on a school campus. One guy caught her attention. She watched as he grabbed an arrow from a case and went to get into position. Time seemed to slow down as Phyllis watched. The guy put the arrow to the bow and pulled back to create the needed tension. He focused in on the target, and took a deep breath. He then released. Time seemed to speed back up as the arrow flew toward the target. And of course it hit the bull’s eye. Phyllis was amazed, not by the guy, even though he was really good looking. She was amazed at what he was doing. She had always wanted to try archery, but she didn’t think that she was any good.

“Like what you see?” Someone asked taking Phyllis out of her thoughts. She looked up to a girl coming to see next to her. She long black hair and blue highlights. She had muddy brown eyes and wore mainly dark colors. Her nose was pierced and she had a naturally painted facial expression that appeared to say ‘get the fuck away from me.’ Apparently looks can be deceiving because she had stepped to Phyllis first.

“Um, yeah actually I do,” said Phyllis. “I would love to give it a try, but I’m not sure I’d be good at it.”

“Well, you never know.” She shrugged. “I’m Raven by the way. And I just started archery about three days ago.”

“Are you any good?”

“Well I could show you better than I could tell you. Come with me.”

Phyllis and Raven go up to go to a stationary area on the other side of the archery field. It was full of equipment for the sport and lockers to store your things.

“I wonder why I never noticed this place before.” Said Phyllis looking around curiously.

“Maybe that’s because you were focused on what actually happening in the field. The guy you were watching, his name is Loris. He’s one of the best archers on the field. A real ass though. I hate him.” Phyllis looked at Raven, suddenly interested in the challenge she spoke of.

“Oh really?” Phyllis raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. So do you want a round of arrows or are you just watching for today?

“I’ll uh, just watch. Saving my energy for something later.”

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“No idea. I’m new here, and I got invited somewhere. So I’ll just watch you for about fifteen minutes and then I have to go. But, I would love for you to coach on what you know about all things archery.”

“Okay. Well then let’s go.”

The two girls headed out to the field and Phyllis stood there and watched and Raven prepare for archery.

“Ready?” asked Raven.


“Okay.” Raven held the grip of the bow and set the arrow upon the rest. Then, she lined the nock of the arrow up with the nocking point on the string of the bow. She aligned her eye up with the window of the bow, pulled back, and released. The arrow land just above the bull’s eye.

“Wow.” Phyllis watched the whole thing intently and was amazed.

“It was okay. I didn’t exactly hit the target.”

“Are you kidding me? It was still pretty damn amazing. I don’t think I could be that good.”

“Thanks. And sure you could.”

“Really? Hmm. Well I’ll watch you for a few more minutes and then I’ll have to go.”


Phyllis and Raven hung out in the Archery field a little while longer. Phyllis watched intrigued by Raven’s archery skills. When it was time for to leave, Phyllis was almost disappointed.

“I hate to say this because I’m really enjoying watching this, but I have to go. You were really amazing out there! I plan to come back ASAP!”

“Thanks! And, it’s no problem. I come here around the same time every day. See you soon.”

“Bye!” Phyllis quickly headed up to her room to start getting ready for the evening. On her way there, she ran into who turned out to be Kat, the floor advisor.

“Phyllis?” Kat called out questioningly.

“Um, yes?” Phyllis responded, also with a question. A woman that was full shaped and barrel chested with blonde hair that was cut into a layered bob.

“Hi! I’m Kat. I left you the note on your first day here.”

“Oh, hi! And, thanks. That note came in handy big time!”

“No problem. I usually am here to greet the new comers on their first day, but I went out to run some important errands. I hope things went smoothly while I was away.” Kat had a very modulated voice that made you feel safe and secure as she spoke. Kind of like a mother to the kids at the school, but, a fun mother.

“Oh everything was awesome. Thanks for asking!”

“Great. Okay well, I didn’t want anything so I’m not going to keep you for long. If you need anything my room is at the end of the hall.”

“Thanks Kat.”

“No problem. I’ll see you around.”

“Ok. Bye!” Phyllis continued walking to her bedroom and once she was inside, began the process of getting ready.

The first thing Phyllis did was find something to wear. Phyllis spent about thirty minutes rummaging through clothes looking around before finally finding something to wear. She laid her clothes out on the bed and then went to shower. She cut the water on and let it warm up before stepping into the shower. She quickly cleaned herself up and got out. Wrapping herself in a towel, Phyllis stepped back into the bedroom and began rummaging through the drawers to find a thong and a strapless bra. While leaning over and moving stuff around in the drawer, she had totally forgot that her room was being shared, not to mention with a guy.

Just as Phyllis found what she was looking for, Kolby walked in quietly. She turned around, still not quite realizing he was in the room. Kolby noticed her though, and he still hadn’t made a peep.

He admired her body that was wrapped in a towel, and found himself unable to control his thoughts. He finally snapped out of it and said, “Hi Phyllis!” Phyllis shrieked and jumped. Being easily frightened, she let go of her towel, and it fell to the grown. Kolby just looked, and his smirked grew as he watched her scramble to pick her towel up off of the ground.

“Jesus Christ!” said Phyllis still struggling to rewrap her towel around her body.

“Didn’t mean to startle you,” Kolby said trying to hold in a laugh. All of a sudden, her towel fell again, and Kolby couldn’t hold it in any longer. He died in laugher. Finally, Phyllis gave up. Kolby was her rom made, and managed to get a full glimpse of her body. She just let the towel fall, politely grabbed all of her clothes, and walked into the bathroom. She quickly put her clothes on, and stepped out of the bathroom.

Kolby was lying across his bed, in his phone. He looked up to see Phyllis as she walked over to sit on her bed. “Sorry again,” he said trying to keep in the fit of laughter that threatened to start up again.

“Um, yeah that was kind of awkward,” said Phyllis turned pink at the cheeks.

“I don’t think so.”

“Of course you would think so.”

“What does that mean?” Kolby asked sitting up to hear Phyllis’ explanation.

“Well, you’re a guy. Not to mention, one that likes to party. With partying comes girls, drugs, sex. Duh, nakedness. You like to see that kind of shit.”

“Okay, so what difference does it make that you’re a girl? One that likes to party. With partying come, guys… and girls, drugs, and sex. Duh, nakedness. Don’t act like you’ve never been naked in front of someone.”

“Not when I’m sober!”

“Well, you have now!”

“Shut up!”

“Well, you should know, I think your body is sexy as shit! Wanna be fuck buddies?”

“Ummm, see the way Rory is set up, I don’t know if she likes to share. She clearly wants you to get into her.”

“It was worth a shot.”

“Nice one, but uh, no thanks.”

“I get it. Saving yourself for Rian huh?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh wow. You’re oblivious. He obviously want to get into you. He’s jealous that I’m your room mate.”

Phyllis thought about. “Nah, I don’t see it.”

“I bet you will after tonight.”

“Oh shut up.”

“Make me.”

“Don’t test me sweetheart. Be careful what you ask for Kolby.” Phyllis smirked.

“What if I don’t want to be careful?”

“Well, then I’m telling you that you might want to be.”

For another hour, Kolby and Phyllis conversed while waiting on the rest of the crew to come and get them. Finally, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Kolby got up to answer the door while Phyllis slid on her black pumps to go with her outfit.

“You peeps ready!?” asked Ryley once Kolby opened the door.

“You know it,” responded Kolby. “So where we beez going?”

Phyllis walked to the door just as Ryley continued talking. “Oh trust me, where we’re going, you’ll want to join in just about every night. Tonight is initiation night. So let’s go!”

“Whoo! Party time!” screamed Phyllis.

Together, Phyllis, Ryley, and Kolby took the elevator down to meet the rest of the gang.

“Hey guys!” excitedly said Phyllis.

“Well, look at you Blondie! You actually look kind of hot tonight,” Robin said, sarcastically speaking.

“I could say the same about you Boy Wonder. I’m surprised you put the tights and cape away from this one.”

“Alright guys. Let’s get this thing started,” said Rian, clapping his hand together once.

Together, everyone walked out of their dorm building and over to the next one. Once inside, they walked down the hall to a back door. This door led them into a small rom that appeared to be a janitor’s closet. Once inside, they closed the door.

“Uhhhh, where’s the party?” asked Kolby.

“Shhhh. Just watch Preppy,” said Robin.

Rory bent down towards a vent, or what really seemed like a vent. She moved the screen and crawled through. Everyone followed behind closely. The last person through, which was Robin, pulled the cover back on the vent. They then all walled down the very narrow hallway and at the end, there was a flight of stairs. They all went down the stairs, and then that’s where the dun began.

“Welcome to the Underground,” said Rory, specifically to Phyllis and Kolby. 

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