Phyllis has been sent away to boarding school by her father. It's only because her stepmother convinced him to. When she get there, she finds that life is pretty amazing during the day time. Fun classes, cool teachers, very different rules. She finds herself not wanting to ever return home. At night time though, she discovers one of the most underground clubs ever. It's almost inhumane. At first it seemed very weird and unsure, but then Phyllis adjusts quickly and becomes one of the most popular members. Of course not everything is perfect. There has to be a little trouble. But who's causing the trouble?


9. Liza

It was time to go Underground. It was Kolby and Phyllis’ second time attending, and the two of them hoped that they would actually remember the events of the evening. Anxious to go, Kolby went and knocked on everyone else’s door while Phyllis finished up getting ready.


“Knock knock!” He spoke as he knocked. “Time to go Rory! Are you ready?” He was yelling through the door. Before she could respond, he went and knocked on the twins’ door as well. “Guys come on! I’m ready to go.”


He stood in the middle of the hallway and waited. Everyone took their time, and eventually came out of their rooms dressed for the Underground. “Someone’s a little too eager.” Rory shook her head as she closed her room door behind her and stepped out into the hall. Kolby got a glimpse of her and was awestruck at the sight of her. She dressed in a brightly colored pink and yellow bustier and very fitted skinny jeans. Her converse were the same shade of pink as her bustier.


“Wow.” He admired her look. “Lot of bright colors there.”


“You’ll see why when we get there. Let’s go.” That was the cue for everyone to get a move on. Within the next five minutes, they were inside of the room that led to the club. It was literally under the building next door. They crawled through the vent which was one of the entries to the club and heard beating music. As they walked down the hallway, the music grew louder. Down the stairs, and their destination was reached.  “Welcome to the Underground… again.”


Kolby and Phyllis stood there, taking everything in. The dark room with neon lights everywhere. The music blasting loud enough the burst a couple of eardrums. Everything happening at once. People on the dance floor, sweating and tiring themselves out. Couples, or what seemed to be couples, as well as some trios, making out in corners and on chairs and couches. People at the bar taking or popping pills. The air smelled like alcohol, sweat and weed. It smelled of something else too. They couldn’t figure it out, but the smell was enticing.

“Let’s start with the bar!” Robin ran passed Kolby and Phyllis and straight toward the bar. “Who’s up for shots?” Ryley and Rory followed behind Robin to the bar.

“I’m up for shots!” Kolby left Phyllis and Rian standing there.

“Come on.” Rian stuck a hand out for Phyllis to grab. “You talked about how you partied all the time back home. Show us what you can do here.” Phyllis smiled and took his and together they joined everyone else.

At the bar, there were shots of gin, vodka, tequila, and more. Everyone ordered what they preferred.

“To Kolby and Phyllis!” Ryley said, raising his glass.

“To Kolby and Phyllis!!” everyone repeated simultaneously and then took their shots to the head.

“What next guys? Body paint or dance floor?” asked Rory.

“Body paint! I want my my body painted!” shouted Phyllis, trying to speak above the music.

“You don’t have to yell. Notice how I’m speaking and you can still hear everything I’m saying? One of the perks of being changed. Perfect hearing.” Rory smirked. “Let’s go get some body paint!”

Everyone walked over to the section where body painting were being done. They had the choice to either paint each other, or get one of the people that work there to do a painting for them. Rian and Phyllis of course painted each other. They removed their shirts and each grabbed a paint brush covered with glow in the dark paint. Rory and Kolby painted each other, and eventually got into a small paint fight in their own little world. Ryley went to go find his boyfriend, which left Robin. He looked at the two girls that were standing there painting other people. As one of them finished up, he walked over to her with a smirk on his face.

He sat down on the tall stool and let her begin to paint his body after removing his shirt. “Careful sweetheart. I’m ticklish.” He smirked at her and she just rolled her eyes and shook her head. Before placing the paintbrush against Robin’s skin, the girl circled around him, getting a complete view of his bare chest, back, and shoulders, to figure out where she wanted to start. “Like what you sweetheart?” Robin smirked.

“Not really much to see.” The girl smirked back, knocking a little of the top of Robin’s ego. His smirked relaxed a little, but not completely, and he remained quiet as she touched the paint brush to his back, slowly dragging it over his shoulder and to his collar bone. He watched as she did the same to the other side as well, but he wasn’t watching her paint, just watching her. “Like what you see?” She caught him staring at her as she worked.

“Yes. Yes I do. I’d love to see more of you. I haven’t seen enough yet.” The girl was great looking to Robin. She had black curly hair that looked naturally perfect; no attempt needed. She was dressed in short shorts, a Mickey top that was sleeveless and showed a little midriff, and basic black Converse. She was short, but her legs seemed to go on forever. He looked up at her face, which was flawless by the way and seemed to be displaying a look that says ‘are you serious?’

“Not even in your dreams kid.” She moved the paint brush down to his abs, continuing her colorful and vibrant artwork.

“Easy sweetheart. I said I was ticklish. If you’re trying to turn me on, it worked when I first sat down.”

“I’m done.” She ignored his last remark and put all of her paint away.

“Why are you putting the paint up? It’s my turn to paint you.” He tried to grab the brush from her.

“Nice try kid.” She snatched her hand back.

“My name is Robin, sweetheart.”

“My name isn’t sweetheart, Robin.” She finished putting away her paint.

“Well how about you give me a name, and a number, and maybe after this is all over, we can go up to my room.”

“No thanks.. Robin.”

“Fine, we can go to yours. I’m not picky.” He started to put an arm around her shoulder.

She grabbed his hand and put it down. “Listen kid… Robin. You are not my type. And since you’re not my type, we are not going anywhere together. And since we’re not going anywhere together, you don’t need to know my name. Goodbye.” She started to walk to the dance floor.

“Wait, what about a number?” He grabbed her arm.

“How about zero? Now, if you’ll excuse me, my song is on, and I need to go find my friends.” And with that, she was gone. Off to the dance floor while Radioactive by Imagine Dragons was playing.

“What a shame bro. What. A. Shame.” A painted Rian walked over to where his brother was.

“You know this isn’t it right?” He gripped Rian’s shoulder.

“I feared it wasn’t.” Rian shook his head. His brother was the type to always get what he wanted.

“Let’s just go enjoy the rest of the night. Because, after tonight, the chase begins.” Robin, Rian and everyone else hit the dance floor. It was crowded, but it didn’t bother them. It was an excuse for Rory and Kolby to be all up on each other as they danced, as well and Rian and Phyllis.

As they danced, Phyllis began to feel this sensations pulse through her body while Rian gripped her waist. Her hands were around his neck as the song Satisfaction by Benny Benassi came on. They grinded against each other, making each other feel hot. Phyllis couldn’t control herself any longer and kissed Rian in the middle of the dancing crowd. The music was so loud that bass pulsed through their bodies as they kissed. Slowly, Rian’s hands slid from her waist down to her ass and gripped both cheeks, squeezing them hard. Phyllis gasped and Rian took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. There, making out on the dance floor, their friends began to make little noises and whistles. One of them even shouted, “get a room!”

They pulled apart, but still kept their eyes on one another, laughing. Phyllis pulled his head down to where she could whisper in his ear. “We’ll finish this after we leave here.” She took a step back to see his face, although it was just a tad bit dark, the strobe lights moved rapidly and she could see his face, which held a smirk. The rest of the night went by rapidly. They were there until about 3 a.m. As they left out, everyone kind of parted to go do there own thing. Ryley went off with his boyfriend, who Phyllis and Kolby had met and learned that his name was Harvey and that he was a year ahead of them. Rory and Kolby went of course went up to the dorms to have sex yet again. Phyllis and Rian also went back to the dorms to have sex. That left Robin. He didn’t plan on going up to the dorms, even though he would have the room to himself that night. Instead he walked around the campus. It was well lit despite he late it was. There were lanterns lit along the paths. He slowly walked, enjoying the silence and appreciating the beauty of the campus at night.

While walking, he saw a girl in his peripheral vision. She was headed to the pool area. He followed behind her, but not closely, because she seemed very familiar. When he reached the pool, he saw who it was just as she jumped in. He smiled. Robin walked over the edge of the pool and sat there, waiting for her to resurface. When she finally did, she wasn’t aware that Robin was there, until she heard the sound of someone clapping. She turned sharply to see Robin.

“Whoo! Yeah! That was amazing!” Robin kept clapping.

“What are you doing here, kid?” It was the girl from the Underground. Robin didn’t respond. Instead he just looked at he smugly. “Robin.”

“Well, I was just walking around seeing as though you didn’t agree to come with me to my room for the evening. Then I saw you come in here.”

“And you expect me to believe that versus you just following me the whole time?” He nodded once. “Besides, I told you, you’re not my type.”

“Well, what’s your type since you’re so sure?” He stood up and began undressing. He stripped all the way down to his boxers.

“Not you,” she said just standing in the middle of the pool. Robin jumped in.

He quickly resurfaced and walked toward her. “How do you know I’m not you type?

She back away from him. “Cause you’re the type that won’t keep a girl around longer than twenty four hours. I’m all for the occasional fooling around and one night stands, but not with a new guy every night. Plus, I sometime have these things with people I like called relationships.”

He kept walking toward her, as she continued to back up. Finally, she was against the edge of the pool. “Oh really?” he asked, coming face to face with her. He place a hand on either side of her so that she couldn’t go anywhere else.

“Yes… really. I would allow you to prove me wrong, but I think it’s be a waste of time.”

“And how do you know so much about me from talking to me for five minute at the Underground?”

“Because, I’ve seen you all over school. Not to mention, you have a reputation.”

“So you believe what others say about me?” She just gave an etched facial expression and blinked once. “Okay, so what if what other people say about me is the truth?”


“So, you’re not going to sleep with me because I sleep with a lot of people?”

“Precisely. Don’t get me wrong, I find you really attractive. But, I don’t want to be another girl added to a continuous list of yours. The guys I involve myself with have standards.”

“Hey!” He glared at the girl. “I have standards! I’m just not as picky as you seem to be.”

“Yeah, so if you could just just move.” She grabbed his arm and tried to move it so she could get away. But he wouldn’t budge. “I think I’m going to g-” She had stopped talking in the middle of her sentence, because Robin gripped her waist and pulled her close swiftly. She braced herself by placing her hands on his chest accidentally. “Robin. What are you d-” He quickly pressed his lips to hers. She was shocked, but her mind was all fuzzy and she couldn’t pull away. His kissed her aggressively, using one hand to hold her body tightly against his, and the other one held her face. His lips were hard against her before he eventually nibbled on her bottom lip. Adrenaline rushed through both of their bodies as the kiss continued. She felt him harden against her, and that’s when she finally formed a clear thought. She pushed away. They were both staring at each other out of breath. She displayed a wide eyed look of astonishment. He had a wolfish grin displayed on his face.

“Still don’t wanna hook up with me after that?”

“I have to go.” She pushed past him and climbed out of the pool. As she grabbed her clothes and headed for the exit, he called after her.

“Wait. Can I at least get your name?” She turned to look at him, debating it for a moment.




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