Magcon: Flashback Friday


1. Chapter 1

{Hazel's POV} I sat in the back of class daydreaming. My teacher Ms.Hensworth was giving us yet another lecture about the great war of something to do with Poland. I heard someone knock on the door and come in. I heard the girls around me gasp and make those weird squeaking noises you make when you think you're gonna die. I just rolled my eyes and wadded up the paper id been doodling on and got up to throw it away. I glanced at the stranger and said without thinking,"Hey Nash." and put the paper in the trash can.

{Nash's POV} Aaron,Taylor,Cameron,and I walked into my old classroom. I was gonna take a pic with my teacher to put on instagram for flashback Friday. All the girls in the classroom looked like they were about to freak out. Then one of the girls got up and threw something away. "Hey Nash,"she said to me just glancing over. Then she turned around with her eyes wide. She pointed at me then at the rest of the guys.A grin spread over her face.

"Zayum!" she said just realizing who we were. All four of us burst out laughing but the girl just shrugged. "Can't tell a lie can I?" she said. "No I guess not," Taylor laughed holding his side from laughing. The girl glanced back at her class.Everyone was staring at us,dead silent. "What are you staring at?" she asked them and they all snapped their gases back at their desks still glancing up from time to time. "Sorry 'bout that," she apolagized to us but was grinning. "Hazel,"Ms.Hensworth said giving her the stink eye,"go back to your seat." she ordered and Hazel walked back. But on the way some girl stuck her foot out and Hazel tripped but just managed to catch herself from falling as the whole class snickered. Hazel went the rest of the way with her head down,just glancing up at at me the only thing I saw was hurt.

Then the phone rang and Mr.Hensworth picked it up. A minute later she hung up and said,"Hazel they need to see you in the office." everyone laughed again as Hazel got up with a sigh and walked out. I went out after her."Hazel! Wait up!" I said and she stopped to wait for me. "What?" she asked looking frustrated now. " I was wondering if you wanted to meet up tomorrow to do something," I told her hoping she would say yes.

"Sure," she answered giving me a halfhearted smile. "Cool! I'll give you my number so we can walk later about where to go!" I told her. "Um...I dont have a phone...."she muttered looking at the ground. "Do you have Imessage?" I asked pulling out my Iphone. "Yeah,"she said smiling and pulled out a Ipod and typed in her password then handed it to me. I typed in my number and handed it back. "See you tomorrow!" i said. "See you tomorrow."she answered.

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