The Never Box (An Ashton Irwin Fanfic)


3. authors note (sor ry)

Im really sor ry guys! I got mixed up with one of my fanfics on wattpad with the POVs! Her name IS Naomi. I'm super duper sor ry for the confusion, I'll try to be better at that

Have a wonderful day/night:)


Here's A sneak peek at the next chapter

"You shouldn't lie.." He whispers before he throws his fist at my jaw. I scream in agony trying to fight the tears back until he was gone. I couldn't show him my fear and pain. I wouldn't. He gave me a look to say I'm going to ask you one more time " What were you doing instead of making my dinner?!" He yelled. " I wa-was d-doing home-homework." I sounded pathetic. "LIAR!" He screamed before reaching back and throwing something towards me.

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