How could this happen.?

What happens when a average girl gets kidnapped and is forced to love someone she though she loved before?


1. The party.

As I finished curling my long brown hair I started on my makeup. I was going to a party tonight and I wanted to look my best. As I applied my base, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick all I had to do now was put on my little black dress. I slipped on my red heels and grabbed my purse. As I turned around to lock my door a began to walk down the street on my way to the party. I could feel eyes on me. I turned around and no one was there. I turned back around and there was a tall man standing I front of me. I jumped. "Excuse me" I said politely as I tried to walk by he stopped me. "You are quite beautiful" he said with a deep British accent. I lived in America so it was strange to hear he speak with such a voice that makes you want to melt. "Why thank you, I have to get going. I have a party" I said kind of creeped out now and tried to walk away. He grabbed me and about that time a van pulled up and he pushed me in with him following close behind. As the van sped off I look up to see 5 men. "W-who are you?" I asked about to cry. The one that pushed me in the van spoke up. "Oh love I think you know who we are" just then I recognized his voice. "Harry.. Harry styles?" He laughed "that's me and guess what?" I swallowed before I responded "w-what" he chuckled as he could obviously tell I was scared "you're mine" he said. He started to kiss my neck, I tried to push him off but he told the other boys to hold me down. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and that's when I broke. I cried as I begged him to stop. He just chuckled as he nibbled at my breast. I was trying to hold in a moan but as he continued I couldn't help but let loose. I moaned and I could feel him smiling. He started to suck on my neck making sure to leave a purple mark. He then blew on it, making chills go down my body. Once the car came to a stop he got up and the boys released me. I quickly put on my clothes and started to button up my shirt. These boys where my idols and now that I see who they really are, how could they possibly expect me to love them? "Come on babe" Harry smiled "where a-are we going?" I questioned. "Back to my place in England." He responded, anxiousness in his voice. I started to tear up. "So there's no chance you're letting me go?" I asked, sadness in my voice. "Never" he said kissing at my neck. As we got our tickets and boarded the plane I tried to get some sleep. Soon enough I was out like a fat kid in dodgeball.

2 hours later

I was awaken by someone shaking me. "What?" I snapped as I looked over. The lights in the plane were off and everyone was sleeping except Harry and I. "Come to the bathroom with me." He said sternly "why?" I asked, annoyance in my voice. "Because I'm horny and I need you right now." He said in a sexy voice. "I'm not having sex with you. I'm a virgin" I stated simply. "That makes me want you even more" he picked me up and practically ran to the bathroom. As he sat me on the counter he got In between my legs. He viciously kissed at my neck and I decided to test him a little bit. I let out a moan as I gripped his curls. He then moaned in pleasure. I quickly found myself undoing his belt and sliding his pants down. I didn't realize what I was actually doing until I stopped myself. What in the world am I doing? Do I really want this? I then debated while Harry was kissing my neck. I shrugged and said "yolo" "what?" Harry said lifting his head from my neck. "Oh nothing styles, just kiss me" I said as I connected our lips. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and our hands glided along each other's body's. I knew that this was wrong but it felt right. He slid up my dress and was eager to kiss me as he took it off. Then all of a sudden there was a speaker above our heads. "Please take your seats we will be landing in five minutes." Said the pilot. Harry looked into my eyes and kissed me. He then whispered in my ear "as soon as he get settled my glass of wine" and then he was out of the bathroom. I quickly got dressed and made my way back to my seat.

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