The Seam's Angel

Primrose Everdeen has just died and entered her minds version of heaven. (POV of Prim) (oneshot)


1. The Seam's Angel

There's a long path of smooth white and grey pebbles in front of me. Lined with thick, freshly cut grass, animals roam the fields at my sides freely. I walk along the path, bare foot, in a pure white dress down to my shins. I have a necklace made of rope around my neck, it's morbid to most people but it reminds me of my father. My long blonde hair hangs over my shoulders, I see a lot of people I recognise from my district, also people I have seen on the Hunger Games. Everyone is peaceful, there are children playing with each other, girls picking flowers. Everyone is wearing white, they're all happy.

I see a man, sitting alone on a bench. I know his face, I would know that face anywhere. It sits in a frame on the mantel piece at my home. He has brown hair like my sisters, dark stubble, and a perfect bone structure. He is wearing a matching rope necklace to mine. He looks lonely, and glum, until he spots me across the field. He smiles and stands. I start to slowly walk, tears in my eyes, I break into a run, then a sprint and I leap into his arms. He wraps his arms around my body and squeezes me tight. He spins me round and round.

"Daddy." I whisper in a slight cry I sound like a child.

"My beautiful baby Primrose."

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