While i was lost, he was found

When something broke Zoe's last nerve, she fount herself lost in the lonely world that had now become hers. When the young girl thinks it is the end she find a boy who might be the beginning to something new.


1. Listening to the words that mean.

I lay on my bed with music playing in my ears, being me. "Zoe! Zoe!" Mum shouted. I wasn't in the happiest of moods, and I hadn't been for months, I ignored her and just stared at the ceiling beginning to lose myself in the lyrics of the song playing in my ears. The door opened and mum walked in with her work clothes still on. "What are you having for dinner?" She moaned, I always knew she cared and worried, but I could never be bothered to eat or reply, so I always answered with a big fat "Nothing" Of course it annoyed mum, I didn't like to upset or annoy her but sometimes I wouldn't think and ending up hurting her anyway, she means the world to me and I love her. She walked out, the door slammed shut, when I could hear her bedroom door slam along mine, I turned my music the highest it could go and lay down in my same state. Lying there, felt like an amazing nothing, every word of the songs just sparked me, and the bands players managed to fill my chest with living goosebumps!

I never get hungry anymore and food isn't a bother, if it wasn't forced into me, I could lay there, on my bed for ever, but there is a lot more to my life than what I have told you so far and unfortunately it all needs my attention, otherwise, my 'life' will end up going terribly wrong.

So when I wasn't on my bed, I was either at school or downstairs staring in to the screen of my phone (at the moment, my life!). School is really the only place I am not miserable, and I forgot about my 'non existent troubles'. I call them non existent because I really don't know what is wrong with me when I am at home, and what ever it is, nobody can pull me out of this 'fling', that feels to me like a hole full of quick sand, swallowing me little by little. I have never explained to people, what I am explaining to you, the reason? Because people out there actually have 'troubles' the difference between mine and theirs is that theirs actually exist...

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