The Jefferson Girl

Diary of a Wimpy Kid FanFiction: Jade Jefferson is Rowley Jefferson's older sister, who's just come back from Japan as a foreign exchange student.


1. Rodrick's POV

SLAM! Great, the dork's home.


"She's not here."

"Where is she?"

"How am I supposed to know?" He shrugs and I hear him pick up the phone.

"Hey, mom? Can I go over to Rowley's?.........Because his sister just came back from Japan......She was doing this exchange student thing.......Why does he have to come with me?.......okay...bye mom!" He hangs up and turns to me. "She says you have to come with me."


"I don't know, but she says you can't go out tonight if you don't."

"Fine," I groan. "But don't expect me to be buddy-buddy with you dorks."

"'Course not."

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