Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


12. Zayn's POV.

  I love Perrie so much. I am going to ask her to marry me.  Elora already knew that I was going to I had told her while we were hanging out. Elora said "Oh my god I hope she says yes so bad. I am so proud of you Zay."

  When we were about to start singing What Makes You Beautiful I walked off stage for a second and asked Paul for the engagement ring. He handed it to me, I said thanks.  I got down on one knee. I said "Perrie I have always loved you.  WILL YOU MARRY ME."

  All the fans started saying awwww.  She started crying and then said "YES." The fans started cheering and screaming Zerrie. Then the concert started, we sang What Makes You Beautiful, Up All Night, One Thing, and other songs.  After the concert we had a small meet & greet.  We met a lot of fans, it was fun.

  After the concert and the meet & greet.  We all went back to the hotel and had a party.  After an hour of partying Niall and Elora went back to their room along with Louis and Eleanor.  The rest of us just stayed there and then after a while Perrie and I left.

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