Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


10. Niall's POV.

Yay! She is on her way home so that we can cuddle.  I love her so much.  She is my life and we have been dating for about a year.  I haven't told her yet but we have a tour coming up in a week.  I had told her about it and she had asked if that meant that we couldn't see each other for a month and I had said maybe. I had asked Simon if she could go on tour with us, he said why not. So when she gets home I get to tell her that she can go on tour with us.

After 15 minutes she got home. I told her that I had some really good news for her. She said "What's the news." I had said "I asked Simon if you could go on tour with us and he said "Why not." A huge smile grew on her face. She looks so hot when she smiles. I love everything about her, from her toes to her hair.

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