Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


2. My Life

So about a month ago my mom married Harry Styles' dad. Since Harry likes to hangout with his dad a lot I get to be with them. When I was hanging out with Harry one day he introduced me to his friends. First he introduced me to Louis and I said "Hi my name is Elora" and he said "Nice to meet you I am Louis." Then he introduced me to Niall. And Niall said "You look really pretty. " I said "Thanks." Next came Zayn but I have already met him before since we went to middle and high school together. Zayn said "How are you I haven't seen you since high school." I said "I am doing good." Then came Liam and I said "Hi I am Elora" he said "Hi I am Liam."

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