Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


6. Hanging Out With One Direction

Harry and the guys came over and they asked what we wanted to do. We suggested doing a live stream they said that it was an awesome idea.   We answered some questions and then Niall mouthed me and said "Check your phone." I mouthed back and said "Okay."  

          (N-Niall E-Elora)

N- I am bored can we go do something.

E- Yeah want to go swimming.

N- Yes but I don't have swim trunks here.

E- Want to go to your house and get them.

N- Can we go to the mall so I can get a pair to keep here.

E- Yeah, just let me tell Harry that we will be back in a little bit.

N- Just text him saying that we will be back.

E- I guess I could do that.


   We went to the mall and got Niall his swim trunks. As we were about to leave he grabbed my hand and held it until we got we got to the doors of the mall to leave. There were a lot of fans coming towards us. Some girls asked Niall for autographs and he signed them. After that we went back to my house. We walked in and my mom was in the kitchen I asked what she was doing and she said "Just cleaning up the mess." I said "Okay, Niall and I are going to swim." "Okay have fun but not to much." Then I went to my room and put on my camouflage bikini. Niall was changing in the bathroom.

       After I went down stairs to the living room to grab my phone. Niall came down and started checking me out. I said "My face is right here." Then he just blushed and I laughed a little. We went to the pool area and I set my phone and towel down. He jumped in and said "Are you coming in." "In a second Nialler." I sat with my feet in the water for a minute, but then Niall grabbed my leg and dragged me into the pool. I screamed. "Niall don't ever do that again that was cold." "I am sorry forgive me ?" "No" "Please" "Fine Nialler if you promise to never do that again." "I promise kitten."

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