Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


8. Hanging Out With My Sister

Harry's POV.

Yay I get to hang out with my sister today.  She said that she wanted to show me one of her favorite things to do.  I said "I will." She said "Wear an outfit that you don't mind getting dirty." I put on a pair of black sweatpants and a dark blue sweatshirt with a grey beanie.  After I was dressed I ate some food then she came home and went to her room and put on a pair of swampers (Boots you wear when you go mudding.) And a comaflauge sweatshirt with one of Niall's flat-brim hats.

  She came down and said "Are you ready to go Hazza." I said "Lets go."  We went outside and she drove one of her four wheelers onto her trailer.  Then she got the other one on the trailer.  She hopped in the drivers side of her car. Then she statred driving to the four wheeler trails.

Elora's POV.

We got to the four wheeler trails half an hour later.  I got my newest four wheeler off the trailer. Harry said "Do you want me to do anything?" "No I got it." I said. Then I got the other four wheeler off the trailer.

10 minutes later . . .

He said "How do you work these machines." I said "You put the key in and turn the handles."

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