Life with One Direction

The story is about One Direction and also about real life.


5. Elora's POV.

          Yay Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. Ever since the date we have been texting each other.  He asked if he could come over after the interview that the band had. I texted him saying that he can come over.  I watched the interview, they asked the boys if anything new has happened.  Zayn said "No." Liam said "No." Harry said "I have an amaZAYN new sister." Louis said "No."  Then Niall said "I asked this amaZAYN  girl that I love to be my girlfriend."  Then the interviewer said "What did she say ?"  Niall said "She said yes."

           After the interview I got a text on my phone. (N-Niall E-Elora)

N- The interview just got over with.

E- I know I watched it.

N- I was so excited to tell the fans that you said yes.

E- But won't they hate that we are together.

N- Yes but we will get through it as a couple.

E- Are you coming over.

N- Yes but I am hungry.

E- Bring me some food to PLEASE.

N- I know I was going to. XoXo

E- Okay thanks see you when you get here. XOXO



    "Hey Niall where's my food." I said. He said "In here love, but hurry up and eat it before I do."   I said "No don't eat my food."  "Then hurry up I am really hungry."   After we ate our food  He said "What do you want to do today." "I want to watch a movie and cuddle." "What movie love." "Lets watch The Notebook." "Okay that's a good movie I have heard."  I said "That is my favorite movie of all time."  I put in The Notebook.   Then went back to the couch to see that Niall was trying to go on my phone. I said "What are you doing to my phone." "I just want to make it so than I am your home screen picture." He said.

     I said "Next time please ask."  "Okay sorry." He said "Niall don't be sorry." "Okay."  We were a couple of minuets into the movie when my phone went off.  I looked at it and Harry was calling me. I answered the call and asked him what he wanted and he said "The lads and I want to hangout with you and Niall."  "We are watching a movie. But let me ask Niall if he wants to." I asked Niall and he said "I guess we can, but can we finish the movie after?" "Of course we can."




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