Through The Dark (Harry Styles fanfiction)

Daniella is a 18 years teen with a horrible past and life. She is always bullied and hated,and has completely given hope for the future. Her dreams come true as she meets her saver, Harry Styles. He falls in love with her, but could he heal her pain? Would he make her forget the past and look for the future? Could he save her from the bullies? Could her heart love again?


6. Texting And Hate

Texting and Hate

Daniella's P.O.V

Diana drove me home and flew off. It was 1:00 am, mum would probably be mad. But I didn't care , I just couldn't stop thinking about that hug and how we moved in sync. It was magical. And then a flashback came.

'"You would always be mine, dani. Always." He said with his Scottish accent.

"I would be free one day, and I won't be yours. Believe me this day is too soon." I said disgusted.

He took a fistful of my hair and held it fearfully and strongly, forcing me to stand up and him coming closer.

"You are mine and you would always be, dani " he said more fiercely than before.

"I hate you and I always would, J" I said spitting on his face.

Then he gave me a harsh punch on the face , making me bleed more.'

"Dani, is this you??" Mum's voice came from the distance.

"Yeah, mum. It's me"

"Why were you so late?? I was worried about you, damn!" Mum yelled.

"The concert ended at twelve and Diana was dizzy so she was driving slowly on the road.

"Why didn't you answer the phone??" She said sitting on the couch.

"Mum , I didn't hear it ok?? Then the battery was dead, it's no big deal!" I shouted, not feeling my head right now.

"Go off to your bed now missy, we are going to discuss that tomorrow after school!" She said pointing upstairs.

"Fine!!" I forced the word. I didn't care about anything now except what happened tonight.

I took of my shoes and was too lazy to take off my clothes. I closed my eyes and then immediately went asleep.

"Wake up!!!" Mum yelled. Though she was at the kitchen down stairs, I felt her voice echoing through my ears hurting it. I woke up insensible and dizzy, like I was drunk or something. I opened my phone and found a new message.

Mornin' bbe ;)

P.S: plz tell me your name!!


Oh my god! That is unbelievable. Harry's brought my senses back on duty, like he had a spell on me.

Mornin' Harry, it's Daniella

I sent it then a quick reply came back.

ShouYou gotta go to school now, Ellie . Bye ;) Harry Styles gave me a nickname ! It's probably gonna be a good day.

"No, it's not" I thought. I was late for school and got an after school detention . Great!

The lesson finished and Diana was waiting outside.

"Hey, how are you after last night??"she asked looking interested.

"Idk. It felt foreign." I said hesitated.

"Did he text you ??" She said looking more interested.

"Well, yeah" I said not showing any emotions .

"Then show me!!" She said, pulling the phone out of my bag and reading the messages.

"I gotta go to the lockers" I said taking the phone out of her hands.

"Ok , but please stay safe!!!" Diana said.

"I'll try!!" I teased.

We split our ways, I hurried down the corridor not wanting Kristen to see me. I opened my locker and quickly put the books in. I felt someone grabbing my hair and raising me up. My foot wasn't touching the ground . Uh-oh.

"So you think you could have a hug with my bbe and get away from it??" Kristen's sharp voice said.

What?? When did Kristen even like one direction??? Or maybe she does now cuz of all these fuckin' rumors!!! Bitch.

She slammed my head harshly against the locker that I didn't feel it anymore. I looked at her narrowing my eyes.

"I don't why does he hug you??? You don't even deserve a look from him nor anyone else!!! You should go and kill yourself, emo."

She slapped me on the face and I heard her heels echoing away. She got me , again !!! Tears couldn't stop rushing from my eyes. I couldn't bare all this pain and hate. I entered the bathroom and stared at the wall or should I say "my hate wall".

'Go and kill yourself, dani '

'Yeah and stop wasting the air and food'

'Fat emo'


'You should be a sex slave, that's the only thing that would work on you '

'No, your buyers would be disgusted from ya'

Tears didn't stop rushing. I started sobbing and squealing alone. I had a heavy thinking and couldn't move. I fell on the ground in weakness. I heard Diana's voice and saw her face. My eyes were too tired so I shut them closed.

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